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Singer/Songwriter Is On His Way To International Stardom

Avi Mack seems to know exactly what the full package is all about since he’s fully equipped with all the correct ingredients that makes him a star on the rise! His lush and extravagant pop single “Caught Up” is a product of Avi’s meticulously refined craft that encapsulates his unique sound. Produced by Easy Freak and Avi Mack, and mixed by Grammy Nominated Mixing Engineer Beau Vallis, "Caught Up" is a crossover of pop and retro synth RnB. While it plays larger to fit the format of pop, it doesn't shy away from using the lyrical content to evoke emotion and depth, without distracting from the melodic hooks. The vocals add a catchy melancholy whilst the 90’s RnB mixed with recent contemporary pop beat uses its distinct production for syncopation and space. If you were to digest this single and recapitulate the entire motive, you will seem to appreciate the record more for what it’s worth. I mean think about it, Avi took a personal life struggle and channeled his emotions from that experience into his songwriting to curate a substantial and lyrically authentic melody and song that we can also catch a vibe to due to the lush productions. He adds a little more emphasis to the hit’s potential by releasing an appealing music video to tell the story of the “Caught Up” the attractive visual alongside Avi’s already branded artistic image is just too difficult for anybody to resist!

Give a listen to "Caught Up" here and be sure to check out the artist's exclusive interview below!


Hey Avi! Great to chat with you. Can you tell us a bit about you and your career in the music industry?

Thanks for having me! I've been writing and producing for about 10 years now, but all behind the scenes. I actually have an Honors Degree in Jazz, and after studying I went on to intern in studios, and eventually opened my own. I was also writing music for a lot of adverts, working with a few artists. You get to point where you just want to release your own music after writing for so many others, and so I decided to start putting some real time into my own material. And so here we are.

Congrats on hitting the likes of international success! What does that feel like as a rising independent artist!?

Look, that's my hope! I have a tremendous amount of work ahead of me, and so I'm staring at this long road wondering where I'm going to end up. So it's a bit daunting, but exciting at the same time. I think more than anything it's humbling. To have people listen to music you have written, and enjoy it, is such a surreal and unique feeling. The idea that someone would listen to music and have a similar reaction to when I listen to music that I like, is kind of overwhelming. But also an amazing feeling.

"Caught Up" is such an excellent song. Can you tell us a bit about the creation and songwriting process of “Caught Up” ?

Why thank you! I do all my song writing at my home studio. That's where I spend most of my life. I find that when I'm writing, I'm usually processing something that I've been through. When I'm writing it's kind of like walking through a hall of mirrors, and I'm seeing all these sides of me that I didn't even know existed. Weirdly enough, I am obsessed with interpretation of information, and how people have different viewpoints. So when I write, it can sometimes feel like I'm looking at myself from the outside. With Caught Up, I started with the chords and melody, and then fleshed it out using a lot of vocal sample and synth work. I was lucky enough to have friends of mine (a band called Easy Freak) help me out with some of the production, and mixing of the track.

If you could describe “Caught Up” in 3 adjectives what would you use and why? What's the meaning behind the song?

That's tough. I would say Melancholic, Relatable, Vibey.

The song really details a relationship I was in, that just seemed to be this on-going on/off situation. Myself and the girl just has his attachment and effect on each other. It was kind of this almost relationship, and every time I thought I had moved on, all those feelings would come rushing back. All my friends tried to help me see that it just wasn't working, but for the life of me I just couldn't get away from it. Caught Up was actually me giving myself closure, and was sort of me just getting those emotions out. Trying to move through this myriad of feelings, and get through to the other side alive. I think we all go through that relationship, the one that doesn't work out and it's not really clear why. And we all deal and move on with it in our different ways. This was mine.

Tell us some BTS info about the music video shoot!

So apart from writing music, the other half of my job is that I direct a lot of film. Usually music videos, documentaries and shorts. I got together with a friend of mine, and I wrote this narrative based on something I felt fit the feel and the core of the song. And we shot it on no budget, all our own equipment and a friend of mine Jamie playing the role of the girl. Actually, all the performance scenes are shot in my DOPs lounge! I directed and edited the video, so it was very much an independent process. A lot of fun though, hell of a lot of fun.

What can we expect to see from you through 2019?

I've quite a few things lined up for 2019, in the next couple weeks I'll be heading up to finish the EP that I'm hoping to release in a few months. There might be a trip to Europe on the cards (Depending on bookings) and definitely another single with a music video. So it's quite busy, I'm pretty excited.


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