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Singer-Songwriter Rick Christian Blends Electronic And Alternative On "Contagious" New Single

With his alternative edge and passionate dark-pop vibe, Rick Christian's unexpected flair makes sure you're always on the edge of your seats. You're never sure what you're going to get with Rick, and his approach has us captivated. Rick takes pride in putting extra time into his projects, exploring the depths of his sound to create his monstrous masterpieces.

In his interview with BuzzMusic, he talks a lot about the mystery he liked to leave the listener with, but in his latest pieces, he chooses to take a more personal route and expose himself directly through these records. He said at times he felt so exposed by the creative process because of how honest with yourself you need to be to express it properly.

He explained how time-consuming it was to keep evolving with every end result and release during the interview. Rick is constantly sharpening his creations and wants to uphold the unexpected, mysterious aspect of his brand while still being personal and honest with the records he'll be releasing in the near future. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for Rick's new releases.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article for Rick's "Contagious" here.


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