Sink into Charlie Muse's New Single "Dive"

Fast-paced chimes of sound surround you as you press play on Charlie Muse's new song: "Dive." This ambient R&B track is full of nu- and neo-soul auras. Born and bred soul singer, Charlie Muse hails from Ohio and has been on a life long quest to impress the world with her infectious lyrics and hypnotic voice. In 2015 she auditioned for NBC's "The Voice," and was chosen the first round to appear on the show. Her rendition of Janelle Monet's, "Tightrope" wowed the audience and coaches, but came up shy of making it to the next round.

"Dive" places Charlie's angelic voice front and center, as her voice soar's over the high notes, delivers sultry lows, and harmonically emphasizes verses to create a lyrically driven dimension of sound. We love how the percussion slowly builds in behind Charlie's voice, pulling in and out of the soundscape, resonating with the lyrics. The enchanting chorus places a spell over the listener as Charlie "dives" deeper and deeper into the verse. Charlie's voice soulfully weaves in and out as if shes gradually descending deeper and deeper "into her ocean of love." "Dive" is a mood-inducing, seductive display of a cosmically charged soulful performance. You do not want to miss this one.

Hello Charlie, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved the vibe you put out on your new release:  "Dive." Can you tell us a bit more about the song and how you wanted your listeners to react when hearing it?

Absolutely! Thank you guys for taking the time to listen and for this opportunity! I’m excited anytime I have a chance to speak my piece. “Dive” is a seductive party song. It reels you in with the rhythm and you find yourself lost in the lyrics and groove the more you listen. To me, it’s a song you can’t get enough of. Every time I listen and it ends I’m like, “It’s over?” I want the audience to feel the same way I do. I want the song to take you to that secluded place where you dance and vibe with the sun on your back and the ocean water blanketing you. It feels like the best time you’ve ever had.

"Dive" gives off a very seductive aura of sound and your voice is angelically placed in front of it. How do you prepare yourself to sing a song like "Dive?"

Well, after hearing the track I simply listened until I could visually see the storyline play out in my mind. From there the lyrics just came easily, it wasn’t hard to interpret this track because it feels so good. I also listened to songs that were similar to the vibe I was trying to achieve;  Songs like “Gwan Big Up Yourself” by Roy Woods, “Work” by Rhianna, songs that are on the same vibe.  

Since moving to Las Vegas how has your music changed or grown in its sound?

Great Question! Lyrically, I’ve become more conscious of things other than love and heartbreak. I used to write a lot about that and I still do, now however I also write about wealth, healing, overcoming traumas we face in life, self-reflection...etc. I write about my experiences as I develop as a person. Musically, or I’ll say sonically, I listen with more intent to hear exactly what the track is saying. As a lyricist, you have to be a good listener. Most times, the music speaks for itself.

What did you take away from your performance on NBC's "The Voice?" Did it help you to grow as an artist?

I’ll be honest, I was not ready for “The Voice”. I needed time to develop being on stage in front of an audience of that size and more time to develop confidence in myself as a singer. It was then I realized there is so much more to singing than just singing. You have to be in shape because singing requires an abundance of breath (lol). When you’re on stage you have to be able to control that breath despite your nerves and adrenaline. You also have to rehearse. Rehearsing establishes confidence. In a nutshell, talent can only get you so far. You have to have a good work ethic to match that talent. You have to be undeniable. Being on the show definitely taught me that.

What's next for you?

I truly don’t know. I can tell you my plans but they’ve changed increasingly especially with this Covid-19 pandemic. I just want to continue to develop and grow as a person and an artist. With that, I want to inspire others and help them on their journey as well. If my vehicle to do that is music, I will continue to speak from my own experiences to allow others to know they’re not alone. We’re a human race and we’re connected through our trials and tribulations; things we go through in life, traumas we face and overcome, heartaches we experience and love which conquers it all.  My music reflects that and will continue to reflect that as long as I create. Opportunities come and go, my only wish is that I affect someone’s life positively and leave them with something to help feed their soul.