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Sink Your Teeth into Alex Freeman’s Music Video for “Paper Mask”

Alex Freeman is a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur inspiring and influencing audiences across the world. Her followers are inspired by her work as an inspirational speaker, as Alex Freeman has been performing in front of major audiences for years.

Being the unique talent that she is, she continuously speaks and performs with the motive to instill a sense of belonging into her listeners as she teaches them to live with greatness and dream big.

In the organic Pop nature of a bubbly spirit, Alex Freeman delivers the sonic and visual components for her latest release, “Paper Mask.” Catching our attention from the moment we clicked play, “Paper Mask,” has a narrative that goes beyond the song, and into an interpretation that is witty beyond belief with its twists and turns.

Casting out her sultry timbres in a protruding fashion, it’s easy to sway to the grooves of Alex Freeman’s inimitable croons, as she powerfully sends waves of amplification through your speakers. Grasping onto the visual component in a way that has us fully submerged in the chronicles before us, the main setting takes place at the roller rink where eclectic fashion choices are decked out in all that glitters. We get to perceive Alex Freeman thriving in a performance where she and others douse us in a choreographed dance moment as she professes the intimate lyrical motifs to the camera.

Hooked on the subplot that’s happening where chaos breaks out and the diligently working cashier at the arena gets caught up in a cluster of commotion as a regular night turns into a party, we admire how each component of this video takes our full attention while capturing the bigger picture, and a twist that you’ll have to find out for yourself.

If you’re looking to get wrapped up in neon lights, a little mystery, and the flourishing zest of lust, then Alex Freeman’s “Paper Mask” is the visual that you need to immerse yourself into immediately.

Welcome to BuzzMuisc Alex Freeman, and a huge congratulation is in order for the release of your latest visuals for “Paper Mask." We love how everything in this music video pans out in a top-tier fashion. Could you please take us into the inspiration behind the sonic component of this record?

Thank you!! There were a few different inspirations for the song and music video. and I’m so thankful to be able to have my stylist help me with all of the fashion. We both love fashion and creating unique and different items you don’t see people wearing, is really fun for us.

Our inspiration for the music video was the 1980’s Lost Boys Movie. We took our fashion inspiration and make-up off an idea of a vampire girl gang. What would they look like and what would they be inspired by? So we decided to base it off our version of Gwen Stefani -if she had a vampire girl gang. It was quite a tedious process, finding or creating every item for the gang. We also planned and did all the makeup, the hair and we even made the goggles! We had one make-up artist and one hairdresser for me, but I and my team did the cast’s clothing, hair, and make-up. I have a team that always does a fantastic job and helps me bring my ideas to fruition. Thank you for asking about fashion, it is such an important element for me.

With such a witty narrative that gets presented to us, you make it impossible to look away from the screen. Where did the creative direction for “Paper Mask” come from, and what was it like bringing this vision to life?

I have such a creative team, who help me come up with all the concepts but most of the time it starts with me and my mom. We brainstorm for a couple of hours sometimes days and come up with a concept/vision. We create Pinterest boards and vision boards that later turn into storyboards for the project. We then present it to the director and choreographer, who are given time to develop our concepts using their own creativity. It transforms into a true exchange of ideas, creativity, and aesthetic vision. We all have distinct ideas, but we can combine them, bend them, and adapt them to create something that we all think is awesome.

So when it came to creating the Paper Mask music video, we took quite a bit of time to decide what we wanted our topic to be. We all agreed on basing it on the Lost Boys movie

I watched the movie -three times! I wanted to pay respect and homage to the movie while building creatively around it. It was so much fun bringing this creative process together from the fashion, hair make-up to the lighting and the scripts. Even if we liked a camera angle or another camera angle- which lens and every single part are so creatively involved was so amazing and so exciting to me.

How long did it take you to film this music video? Were there any memorable moments on the set that made the process that much more rewarding?

This music video took about 26 hours to film and it was such an exhilarating experience to be able to create this music video. There were so many memorable moments on set, although I was in almost every single scene. So I barely got any breaks but when I did I spent much time with the cast as possible. I did DJ on our lunch break during the roller skating scene. That was super fun!

What words of advice do you have for anyone looking to get into the music industry and follow in your footsteps?

Know what you want and go for it! Work every day at growing your skillset. Practice is key and taking master classes, lessons, reading books that have anything to do with your chosen field. I really believe that if you set your mind to achieve your goals and have a sick work ethic, anything is possible.

What’s next for you?

“OH BABY” comes out August 27th and “Broken Record comes out either in September or October. I will be filming music videos for both songs and I cannot wait for them. “Oh Baby’s” music video is going to be amazing! I am so excited about it!! I am obsessed with Greek mythology and I am basing this video on one of the best villains of ever, and she should look phenomenal! I can’t wait for you to see it!


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