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Sip Some “Airplane Champagne” With Kassandra Clack’s New Single

From Maple Ridge, BC, country recording artist, and singer-songwriter Kassandra Clack has us flying high with her new fun-loving single, "Airplane Champagne."

The tenacious country artist is always expanding her industry presence. She's landed as a finalist in Canadian Music Week's Jim Beam 2021 Talent Search, not to mention vast radio airplay coast to coast on CBC Country Radio, JFRM, and Country 93.3 FM. Kassandra Clack is currently in the studio putting together her debut album, set to release this fall.

Produced by Dan Swinimer (Madeline Merlo, Jojo Mason), Kassandra Clack's new tune "Airplane Champagne" has us longing to hop on the next jet out of town. The track is off her forthcoming project, preparing us to be swept into the passionate and uplifting world that Kassandra Clack never fails to create.

The song slowly peels open with dizzying propeller effects and a steady, mid-tempo drum beat alongside fluttery keys and a warm acoustic guitar. As Kassandra Clack thanks us for flying K.C. Air, she takes off into the radiant first verse and sets the scene with loving lyrics of the memories she's had and the ones to be made.

She expressively shares her passionate words about flying high in someone's presence and feeling ready to take the world with them. The song's hook is wildly infectious and leaves us chanting Clack's lyrics alongside her melodic vocals and the song's beaming instrumentals. We've found the perfect ear-pleaser if you're looking for a new track to add to your vacay playlist.

Descend into the luminous runway of Kassandra Clack's feel-good anthem for summer love, "Airplane Champagne," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kassandra Clack. We're ready to hit vacation mode after hearing your new single, "Airplane Champagne." What’s the inspiration behind this fun-loving and passionate piece?

This all-season-getaway anthem is inspired by the love in my life. It sounds like we’re all familiar with this state of lust that we’re in for an escape and feel sky high. It was written by incredible Sony Writers Karen Kosowski, Emma-Lee, and Femke Weidema. This song's influence is a pop groove with southern instrumentation that will facilitate the vibrant feeling of being on vacation, harnessing a loving escape any day of the week.

How did you want to make listeners feel when experiencing the refreshing new tune, "Airplane Champagne?”

When listening to this song, I want the listener to feel a wave of vibrant, joyful, and romantic energy. I hope they listen, and it takes them to Cloud nine, whether they’re listening from the airport en route to listening from their Couch.

Who did you work with on the song?

This single had a collaborative approach, being produced remotely by Grady Saxman, Saxman Studios, Nashville, TN. While remotely recording vocals via BCCMA Award-winning Dan.Swimmers of ‘Manicdown Music Studio.’

Why did you choose to release "Airplane Champagne" as a single before your debut album? Would you say the single prepares listeners for the album's overall vibe and experience?

It is very important to me that people know how truly involved they are in creating this record with me. I wanted to give out something early for people to get a read on what exactly that is! I’ve been beta-testing our songs at writer’s rounds and showcases alike to get a read on if people ‘dig’! ‘Airplane Champagne’ is just a teaser of the kind of vibe my tribe can expect to filter throughout the entirety of the album.

What's next for you?

Our 2023 forecast is looking prosperous! We will be in full- production of my Factor Funded ‘Debut’ Album, which will be supported by a 2023 Spring-Summer Tour run! Listeners can expect singles, music videos, and radio releases to come their way!


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