Sit Back and Chill with the Lyrical Offerings of Rap Artist CWhit

CWhit has a certain sense of confidence integrated within his vocal execution. It's a quality like this that makes CWhit memorable to us. His confidence never waivers, and we ultimately respect him artistically as a result. CWhit further gains respect through his goal as an artist, and how these goals call for the betterment of others. CWhit puts emphasis on making real changes within the lives of his listeners, and in a broader sense, he wants to convey his own personal journey and conflictions to listeners. One of his most recent tracks, "Lovher", takes on a reflective atmosphere, which we found challenged us as listeners to reflect on the thoughts of CWhit. He approaches his track "Lovher" with more of a laid-back and mellow execution.

"Lovher" maintains consistent velocity all throughout, and the vocal delivery from CWhit remains pretty steady as the track goes on. It's the aspect of consistency that makes the track feel relaxed and simple. CWhit isn't about complexity, he wants to tell his truth in the most elemental way possible. "Lovher" exhibits the hardships CWhit is currently dealing with as a man, and he attempts to communicate his understanding to listeners. You could definitely categorize CWhit as a philosophical guy, which elevates his artistry to an entirely new level. He has a magnitude of emotional intelligence, which aids in him connecting with listeners. "Lovher" is the type of track you can sit back, listen to, and immediately experience the story of CWhit in the laxest way possible.

Discover the sound of CWhit in "Lovher" here.


Hi CWhit! We listened to "Lovher", and thought the tracks consistent flow is what made it feel so incredibly chill. Was this the atmosphere you were hoping listeners would feel as they listened to the track?

Yeah, it was to an extent. I wanted the song to be chill but energetic at the same time but I didn’t want the infliction of my vocals to be the source of energy of the song so I used a unique flow accompanied with relatable lyrics that made the songs appeal intensify which gave the energy I didn’t want the vocals to give if that makes sense Lol. 

Did you find that you changed your mind in the midst of writing and recording "Lovher", or does your vision typically remain fixed throughout those stages?

Well, I wouldn’t say I changed my mind through the creation that led to what is but I will say that I was on a narrative journey that began as personal desires of a perfect love then transition to the fears and insecurities of love that concluded the success of the love would be based on effort and faith matched by actions.  

Can you describe the genre elements that you personally believe characterize your sound?

This question really made me smile because I’m a fan of so many genres and artists. From James Brown, Prince, and Micheal to the Beatles back to BB King through Hall and Oates and Al Green. Then you mix that with the study of Biggie Tupac The No Limit Soldiers Bone Thugs and Harmony Outkast Missy Elliot Eminem and Nas. With me being such a big fan of music I draw inspiration from acts in Pop, R&B, Gospel Blues, Soultrap, Hip Hop and Rap so characterizing it into one genre gets tricky. 

How do you typically describe your artistic outlook to others? What kind of artist do you see yourself progressing on to be? 

I tell people that my outlook is based on an unbiased general honest assessment of the situation as best possible with retrospect to all truths known of the matter. I see myself progressing into an artist that will continue to grow in music. As I grow my overarching goal is to become an artist that helped the world think better.  

How do you see yourself changing artistically within 2020? Are you hoping to release similar soundings, comparable to what was released in 2019, or are you looking to change around your sound?

In 2020 I will be changing a lot about my music. I will be releasing music that will have a better sound with a better quality of music and artistic expressions as well. In 2020 my goal will be to make music that can be enjoyed by people who may not even speak the language.  That’s the thing I love about music if it’s good music no matter what language it’s in it will sound good to the ears. As far as my style and sound go I’m going to be exploring and pushing my limits.  There are so many artists nowadays who mimic one another in either storyline delivery or adlibs. As long as I don’t fall into the trends and work on a clearer and cleaner sound any change that comes. From that is gonna be welcomed and greatly appreciated.