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Sit Back and Enjoy the Tranquilizing Effect of Adam James in, "The Willows"

Cutting-edge singer/songwriter Adam James is here to show off his extensively crafted, raw alternative sound. Extracting influence from various artists, such as The Beatles, Beach Boys, Death Cab For Cutie, and Beach House, Adam James is able to inspire himself with his wide-ranging music taste.

The recent work of Adam James' includes the release of "The Willows," which is the perfect song if one desires to understand his experiences spent in Los Angeles and New York. The utopian soundscape created by varying guitars, smooth synth collections, and reverb-fixed rhythms is astoundingly serene, which is able to offer a soothing and therapeutic escape for listening minds.

Adam James is known for establishing incredibly soothing and mellow soundscapes that lift up listeners' minds, bodies, and souls. In a specific sense, his articulated vocal style can be compared to the likes of artist Vance Joy, as that same nonchalant, yet the impassioned technique is applied.

Give yourself some real self-care by indulging in Adam James' "The Willows," on major streaming platforms.

The successful release of "The Willows" went underway recently and the product ended up being incredibly smooth. How are you feeling about the way "The Willows" turned out?

I’m happy to hear that it comes across as smooth! It was definitely crafted with care and is meant to be listened to as a complete album. The irony is that there were so many moving parts in my life throughout the making of the album to its release that I’m super relieved to have made it to “game day.” In short, though, I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. It’s my greatest accomplishment…so far.

Can you share with our readers the more vulnerable details behind "The Willows" and the inspiration you acquired in order to write the song? As with most of my songs, they serve as a form of the confessional booth. It’s where I go to vent, lament, and express the deeper feelings that I can’t seem to reconcile without musical therapy. The songs on this album come from varying parts of my journey, the keyword being journey. From moving from the suburbs of Long Island to Bushwick / Ridgewood to Los Angeles. It chronicles the risks I’ve taken in life, and in relationships. Moments I’ll always remember and others I wouldn’t mind forgetting. You can’t change what’s already happened but you can certainly learn from your mistakes and move forward. This is your life, do your best to participate, and don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can’t do. The song, “The Willows”, goes back to a time when I realized the relationship I was pursuing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It’s essentially about how your doubts can poison the well. As an alternative artist, how do you go about expanding the levels of your creativity? Do you feel that you stepped out of your artistic comfort zone with the way you went about writing and recording "The Willows?" This album was the first time I went into a project without having to fulfill any genre expectations. Other bands I’ve been a part of were so heavily associated with a certain sound that it became difficult to break the mold. So I’d have to say that I stepped INTO my artistic comfort zone, free of inhibition. Do you see yourself working with any genres in the near or late future that are completely disparate from the alternative category you reside in now? One hundred percent. I think the most exciting part of doing a solo album is that I’ve swung the doors wide open. I’ve got plans for all kinds of genres of songs, eps, and albums. Time will tell if it will be gradual or if I’ll be hopping fences. Aside from that though, I’m looking forward to collaborating and working on my band projects again very soon. “The Willows” has successfully reinvigorated my creativity.


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