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Sit Back and “Kick It” With Rosina B. Solomon

Canadian singer-songwriter of Ethiopian descent, Rosina B. Solomon, has been enthralled with creating music and performing since 12.

Nourishing her artistry with various genres, she gives off an authentic vibe, reminiscent of 90s R&B blended with Neo-Soul, which gives her vocals and sound an undeniably emotional impact. Influenced by Sade, Michael and Janet Jackson, D'Angelo, and various others, Rosina B. Solomon has a well-rounded arsenal of melodies that cater to her soft, soulful voice.

The talented singer-songwriter has spent the past three years working on her EP entitled 'Intro.' Pouring her emotion and soul into the project, the forthcoming release will be available to the public in late October and created with the purpose of exploring one's identity, heartbreak, and self-introspection.

Rosina B Solomon blesses our stereos with the release of her first single, "Kick It." A heartfelt love song that resonates with every listener and voices the deep thoughts that so many have had trouble expressing.

With a no-excuses attitude and lyrics such as, 'You know that I love you, why play these silly games. If I don't change and you don't change, things will stay the same,' and 'Do you know what they tell me? That a woman as fine as me is a hot commodity, but baby you don't see the art of me. Do you know how I'm feeling?,' she touches on our deepest doubts about love and gives us a sense of belonging in a time where we would feel alone.

The warm keys and soft bass on the instrumental, so carefully crafted around the percussion, allow you to get lost in the vibe and sound of this record and construct the perfect stage for Rosina B Solomon's beautiful voice to soothe your ears and soul. Reminiscent of a warm blanket wrapped around your body while sitting in front of a fireplace on a brisk winter's eve, the essence of "Kick It" enshrouds you with a feeling of comfort as it brings a sense of ease to your aura. This first taste of the artistic songstress leaves the listener in a deep meditative state through both body and mind.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rosina B. Solomon, and congratulations on the release of “Kick It.” We love the concept that you wrap into this heartrending tune. Where did the basis of this song stem from?

The basis of the song was to simply create an R&B love tune that could also work as a pop song. It was originally written by me for another artist from the perspective of a guy to a girl. When they didn’t use it I changed it for myself.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing this record to life?

The process was a bit of a long one, as with this whole EP. I had the lyrics and melody since 2017! Since I usually create on my own, to begin with, and I don’t produce - I needed a beat. I had some inspirations in mind, namely Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down. I worked with this producer named Andrew Afework, who is also a talented pianist, and we had about three sessions where we built and adjusted the instrumental. This was pre-covid. Late 2019 I think or early 2020. The mood of the song also changed from haunting to hopeful. What came out is this beautiful, nostalgic, and rhythmic sound.

How was your vision enhanced from the initial concept being a thought in your mind, to the now released single? What does “Kick It,” ultimately say about you as an artist?

"Kick It" has become a manifested creation that I said okay, I’m going to put this out finally. I nitpicked every little thing at every stage from writing to producing, to recording my vocal, to sending it to be mixed and mastered. I still don’t think it’s perfect but it’s as close as it’s going to get for now. The fact that it took this long is a testament to my headstrongness and desire to get things from concept to realization. The cover art also definitely helped! Created by Hawi A. by the way! Now I’m just working on a video for this single and my heart will be happy.

What can you tell us about the overall essence of ‘Intro?'

'Intro' is my hello to the music world. Music has been in my life since forever. I knew from a very early age that this is what I wanted to do. It’s a shame it has taken this long to release music and going forward with my future projects I’m going to ensure that it doesn’t. I wish I knew 10 years ago what I know now. I wish I knew where to go for music programs, resources, and finding like-minded artists. I hope that people will enjoy the EP. I hope that they can relate to themes of unreciprocated love and the quest for contentment. Sonically I hope that people play the songs loud and thoroughly enjoy the work of the many producers, musicians, and mix/master engineers that contributed.

What's next for you?

I’m always trying to hustle. God only knows. My focus is on getting the actual EP out by the end of the month as well as the accompanying music video for the single. I would love love LOVE to do another video for Intro but the winter is coming now so maybe in the spring. I’m also excited about other music I want to release that I haven’t made yet. And I miss performing live, I put less pressure on myself about getting the “perfect" sound, and want to reach as many people as possible.

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