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Sitting Down With Santiago Carrera

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Santiago Carrera. You play such a key role in Chicken Girls as Gus's high-spirited character. For our audience just finding out about you, could you please share a bit about yourself away from the role of Gus?

I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and moved to Cabo, Mexico, when I was 8 or 9 months old. I grew up in Cabo for the first few years of my life and then moved to California when I was 4. I've lived here since! I'm 15 years old and have two older brothers that are 22 and 24! I'm also bilingual and am fully fluent in both Spanish and English. Spanish was my first language!

Understanding that one role can change your life, could you please take us into how this role has helped your career?

Chicken Girls has for sure helped my career move forward. I've learned a lot from working on set and was able to grow my resume!

We know that it takes hard work to get where you are, so what has been the best piece of advice you've applied to your career in your own words?

This industry has so much rejection, and you can't take it personally. When I was first starting off, and a manager wouldn't sign me or a casting director said I wasn't what they were looking for, I would take it personally and get super upset. Of course, it's valid to be upset, I even still get upset now every once in a while, but you just have to understand that it's not personal. You will hear no so much more than you'll hear yes, so you just have to keep going, and eventually, you'll get that yes!

From 12 years old to now, you've done some pretty amazing things. Has there been a favorite role you've landed or a memorable moment that you reflect on these days?

Gus on Brat TV's Chicken Girls was my first role, and I'll for sure always remember it. I see it as a big step in my career that has for sure helped me in many different aspects.

Do you ever see yourself branching out into other creative avenues? If so, what would you be curious to try out?

Honestly, not at the moment. As of now, acting in front of the camera is what I'm really passionate about, but doing some stuff behind the camera when I'm older is something I'd try out that could be fun!

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