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“Situationship” Is Changing Our Views on Current Relationships

Native to Jacksonville, Florida, Rica started her musical career at the young age of 2, performing for family and various talent shows. Known for her unique voice and ability to mimic famous artists like; Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston she has been able to share her talent worldwide. In 2003, she released a gospel album and appeared in several films as an extra such of which include; National Lampoons RoboDoc and Man on a Ledge. Rica is a devoted mother and inspiration to all, proving that you can still fulfill your dreams with hustle, strength, consistency and spiritual belief.

“Situationship” is her newest single, featuring rapper Jazz Anderson who some may know as the daughter of Tami Roman, who plays Youngblood from the hit TV series Basketball Wives. Rica hopes to touch listeners with her lyrics and express the unifying message that we’re not alone. “Situationship” highlights Rica's opinion on changing relationships and the lack of respect women encounter nowadays. Given the sass featured in this song, I wonder if she is drawing on personal experience or simply portraying a change of view/advice to her daughter? Rica's vocals are strong, soulful, elegant and most importantly on point! A true talent and inspiration. We absolutely love the collaboration with Jazz Anderson as these two influential female artists express their individuality while effortlessly come together to make such a wonderful track. I love everything about this single, from its catchy lyrics to its jumping hip-hop/ pop beats. Bravo, Rica!

Hi Rica and welcome to BuzzMusic. Singing from a young age, what do you remember about touring and performing at that age. How has this experience influenced who you are today?

It made me happy to see and hear others cheering me on or saying they were sad and a 5-year-old with strong pipes brighten their day. I sing in different cultures and received the same feedback which was pretty amazing. The experience let me know that if you work hard you can become what you want, it's all about the drive even though I got sidetracked by becoming a mother at age 16 I shifted my priorities but the urge kept coming back stronger to never quit.

Being a devoting mother, do any of your lyrics have direct messages to your daughter and if so, what message are you trying to deliver? 

I want my daughters to know and see the world for what it truly is and I don't judge them because you never know when or what situation you can end up in and to never speak negatively on others situations or hardships nor envy others if you want it bad enough we all have to hustle while staying humble.

What was the inspiration for “Situationship”? The lyrics are quite powerful, are you drawing on any particular personal experience?

Yes, it is from a situation that I am currently in for over a year now. It's weird that everyone wants to share and not be committed its actually really scary even if you partake in the fun at the end of the day realization start to set in as you get older and wiser and ask your self it's this really worth all the pain and karma because we all will reap, good or bad.

Do you see yourself exploring other genres in the future?

I actually love pop, neo-soul, and country, I love all genres

Thanks for chatting with us and creating such an on-point track! Do you have any plans for a new album release in the coming year?

Yes I am taking it one step at a time but I am currently working on an album and my book, I have a lot to say to the world.


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