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SK World Delivered Us The Perfect Vacation Groove! “Katarina”

Hailing from the North, SK World is a duo consisting of Stephen and Kevin, two unique artists united together by their love of music. They garnered their influence from their Nigerian heritage and upbringings naming the likes of Fela, Wizkid, Burna boy, and Michael Jackson as some of their musical influences. Determined to be the next flag bearer of the Manchester’s 0161 scene, they effortlessly bring a new sound to the urban scene, creating a fusion of Afro Beats, Dancehall, Grime and Hip-hop.

SK world released their single titled “Katarina” and it instantly begins with a cultured Caribbean introduction before the reggae ton and Afro-eccentric beat piles in. “Katarina” is a celebrative hit in which you just quickly find yourself dancing to. In fact, while listening to this poised hit, my sister instantly got up from her couch and began rhythmically moving to the notions of the beat. It’s just so absorbing and connective that the energy it radiates we return right back. I believe that’s the beauty of dancehall music, is its ability to produce a good vibe and good energy automatically. The fusion of hip-hop and bluesy elements with a strong islander flare just transformed my mood into a complete 360. “Katarina” is a vibrant and colorful hit with not a sign of dullness anywhere in the song. Who doesn’t love a good groove and paradise aesthetic? SK world is undeniably the next hit makers in the game.

Listen to “Katarina” here and get to know more about SK World

How did the both of you meet? What was the birth of SK world?

One day Stefano and Kevin where invited to studio session by a friend to come listen to a project that our friend was working on, when we got there they told us to freestyle on the song and because we never did anything like that before we where really shy but proceeded and our first takes where incredible as the producers was shocked and told us to take it serious straight away

Tell us about “Katarina” and the concept behind it!?

Katarina was a track that was made in the car in the last 10 min of working on another song, we where thinking of making a song for the people, that made them happy and party, so we created a story of this girl Katarina that was the centre of attention of our world as woman make the world go round.

What motivated you to create “Katarina”?

We just translated the beat into worlds

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career thus far?

We are from a city (Manchester Uk) that are not used to different sounds, it will take time but we will get there, we also investing a lot into our craft because we know it will takes us far

What’s next for you?

We are planning on dropping singles as visuals till the end of the year to get the world familiar to our name and then the Ep will drop to solidate our journey 


Connect with SK World on social media

Instagram: www.instagram@theskgram


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