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Skar de Line Keeps Fans “Satisfied” with Electronic Single

English-Swedish artist Skar de Line has released a new single, “Satisfied,” that is set to premiere on all platforms on November 27th, soon followed by a music video release. The introduction of “Satisfied” pairs a salsa percussion line with the electronic soundscape, emitting romance and mystery sensations.

Skar de Line reveals his intensity with his dramatic vocals that mix various genres, including rock, punk, and house. With simple verses, he allows his vocals to echo and emphasizes his awakening lyrics. Generally known for pushing production boundaries and keeping fans on their toes, his Swedish DJ style is evident throughout “Satisfied,” solely due to the uniqueness of the song. SkardeLine’s incorporation of electronic synths that listeners will feel in their bones seems like they are meant to accompany strobe lights.

Throughout the entirety of “Satisfied,” the dark synths remain dynamic as they adjust to the ups and downs of Skar de Line’s energy level. As if the mysterious electronic cinematic wasn’t enough, Skar de Line’s songwriting will certainly have fans questioning their perspectives on life. By sharing the extraordinary lens that Skar de Line looks at the world through, “Satisfied” will ultimately have fans discovering what truly satisfies them. Listeners can always count on Skar de Line to shake things up with his dynamic intensity and inspire introspection through his lyricism.

What was your inspiration behind “Satisfied?” Can you tell us about the creative process?

With Satisfied, I wanted to create a track that built on atmosphere and mood, and a track that played a bit fast and loose with traditional chord progressions and melodies. I wanted to create that contrast between the unsettling feel of the music, with the obvious at first glance positive title and lyrics, to create that dichotomy that I find so fascinating. This track has been a long time coming, going through several versions with different producers, but that let me really take the time to create my most fulfilling and layered release yet, as well as the biggest production and music video yet.

Your lyrics definitely inspire introspection! Can you tell us more about the lyrics for “Satisfied?”

Thank you! The core concept of Satisfied is the question of what satisfied us; is it to actually be right, or is it the purpose we feel we have when we’re searching for what satisfies us?

I’ve had this idea for a long time, but it came up again when I shared a house with a very toxic individual during a year that really challenged my views on things. I found it fascinating that some people could dedicate their life for months on end trying to prove that I was wrong. I found it fascinating that; playing with the idea that maybe I was that bad person they painted me up to be all along, but not letting that bother me the least; would ultimately frustrate them even more. To see someone lose their direction as they had accomplished what they set out to do but without any consequence, as I was still going on as if nothing happened. What I think that comes down to, is that all of us are trying to understand people around us, so when they do not react as we do, that makes us uncomfortable and disoriented.

Are there any artists that you look up to for inspiration? If so, how have they contributed to your music style?

The four pillars for me is the commercial hooks of pop, the rhythms from hip-hop and rap, the attitude and energy from rock, and the cinematic feel and scope from soundtracks and film music. With that being said, I also try to look outside of music for inspiration, quotes, and ideas that I can translate into what I do.

How does “Satisfied” compare to your other releases? How has your music evolved over time?

Satisfied builds on the foundations of my last release In Charge, but it’s more focused. It lets the vocals be more upfront and not it's afraid of being more dynamic and naked in places. Each element on its own is simpler, but that makes the track more powerful and potent. I hope my audience feels that it is different from my last track “In Charge”, as well as my releases with my other project Heist At Five, as they at the end of the day all show different sides of who I am.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

While 2020 has definitely been a tough year, it’s been a very inspirational year. As everything has been standing still, I’ve been able to just take the time into creating, writing, without distractions for months, which makes me very excited going into 2021, as I am more confident over my new material and what’s coming next than what I’ve ever felt before. The key I think is something to just keep your head down and keep going. You can’t change the shitty situation on your own, but you can change your outlook on it and what you make of it, and who knows, it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


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