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Skinny LB Debuts New Single, "Dawg"

Skinny LB hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and he's beyond ready to share his latest creations with his listeners.

Skinny LB has a great appreciation for many genres and chooses to subtly dabble in more than just one himself. Mainly a Hip/Hop and Rap artist, Skinny LB motivates himself in a persistent manner to craft the type of music he releases, and his latest release, "Dawg", is just one of many singles Skinny LB is ready to share with the music world.

The moment one begins listening to Skinny LB's "Dawg," it's easily noticeable that he emulates strong confidence. Skinny LB simply says it how it is and he isn't afraid to share his authentic thoughts with listeners. He's meticulous with the wordplay in "Dawg," putting a real emphasis onto each and every line, showing that he's purposeful and passionate with the lyrical content.

The narrative of "Dawg" circulates around the personality of Skinny LB, and he takes the opportunity to share his own perspective of himself, as well as his life experiences and opinions. The result introduces a disparate kind of energy to the contemporary rap music scene than one may be used to, and we're definitely feeling the new trend Skinny LB is setting with his sound.

"Dawg" shows that Skinny LB has not only shown up to the table, but that he dominated it, and we're left in anticipation for the next single release he shares with listeners.

"Dawg," is now available to stream on music platforms.

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