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Skyler Scrimes Musically Abducts You With His Soothing And Unforgettable Project, “On My Level”

Skyler Scrimes is a 22 year old multi-talented artist currently residing in Los Angeles. He has a strong passion for quality, and meticulous creation when crafting his music. Which was showcased in his recently released album, “On My Level”. It’s been an estimated 6 months now since he started taking producing seriously, and he is excited to share his album “On My Level”. A chill EDM beat mix, each song on the album is unique in its own groovy way.

Let’s discuss how atmospheric “On My Level” was. Close your eyes, listen to this record, and allow your imagination to roam free. What was the setting you place yourself in? For me, it was more exotic-like. The aquarium with different water animals, or even simply just paradise. “On My Level” was just something so alluring and memorable. I found myself inside the music, feeling the songs on a deeper level than just regular records. Skyler Scrimes shows us how his careful planning in producing a quality album doesn’t go unnoticed. “On My Level” feels as if you’re in a sea of water, with different atmospheric explorations at the corner of each turn. Each song arranged on “On My Level” emphasized the imaginative images in my head more and more, creating the ultimate experience for me as a listener. Skyler Scrimes presents a nice, serenity appeal to EDM while fusing pop and smooth-sailing R&B elements. “On My Level” is a soothing album you won’t forget!

Listen to "On MY Level" here and get to know more about Skyler Scrimes below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Skyler! How challenging could produce music be? What were some obstacles you’ve faced in the creation of your album?

Getting into the production of music with no background or guidance is very challenging. There are so many different digital audio workspaces you can choose from and learning how to use one along with musical theory can be somewhat troublesome. Another thing I find that can be difficult in this industry is learning how to market myself with artwork or videos to best enhance my music. While also understanding the generals do’s and don’ts of the music industry. I’ve learned that everyday it’s important to always be proactive and open to learning new things that will make my music stand out. I have been learning a lot about new genres and playing around with a lot of sounds. With this album I wanted to try to put together a group of songs that flow together and hold a certain feeling, This was difficult in itself. I wanted to capture emotions in some songs and I wanted some to be playful and fun. 

This album “On My Level” was AMAZING! What was your favorite moment as an artist, in putting together this? 

Making something you’re happy with is a powerful feeling. My girlfriend and I went camping in Joshua tree the night before I decided to start putting this album together; we where listening to a Mazde song when I said to her “This is what I want to do with my life”. EDM is new to me, growing up I listen to a lot of classic rock and alternative music but since I started dating my girlfriend a year ago she has opened my eyes to a few completely new styles of music. That moment, although it was before I started the album, was the most impactful for me. I had this image of a palm tree in the desert with this calm night sky filled with stars stuck in my head and I wanted to try to paint that out into an album.

Which track off “On My Level” was more impactful for you and why?

“Take a trip W/ me” has been probably my top favorite track on the album. That day, again with my girlfriend, we spent a beautiful day at Santa Monica beach. Bringing together this beachy desert feel together creating this vibe in itself. The sounds are so unique and the movement is so chill and different, it brings a smile on my face every time I listen to it.

We were able to create mental images while listening to “On My Level”, what atmosphere does this album bring to you as an artist?

This album was put together in about a month, within that month going to my first Coachella, Joshua Tree, Santa Monica, Malibu, Oxnard and a few more places. I believe bringing the desert and the beach together helped me create my own sound. I’m always interested in what people take from it, it’s amazing the diversity in the music industry when everyone can create their own image and get a completely different emotion from a song. 

What is next for you?

I’m very excited to continue learning, I plan on going to school for sound engineering and I want to learn all as much hardware and software as possible. I hope to become someone known in the industry. I’m allowing so many artists to inspire me from MGMT to J. Cole to Tame Impala to Rufus du sol or Wallows who I grew up with; watching them become something successful and create their own brand has been a huge inspiration in itself. I never want to stop progressing, learning, and evolving. 


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