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Skyler Reed Gives Us Some “Time of Day”

Skyler Reed is a talented and accomplished R&B/Soul artist in Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion for music has been a part of her life from an early age, with her mother introducing her to iconic artists like Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and Lauren Hill. Skyler's love for music grew as she listened to contemporary artists like Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, and Brandy.

As she grew older, Skyler began to explore her own musical interests, using songwriting as a form of therapy and self-expression. She studied vocal performance at Virginia State University, gaining a deep appreciation for classical training while staying true to her musical style.

After graduating, Skyler moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career and quickly made a name for herself in the city's music scene. She performed in several operas and became a rising star in the R&B and Soul genres.

Skyler Reed's latest single combines R&B and Soul, showcasing her remarkable talent as a singer and songwriter. The song tells a story of heartbreak and longing, as Skyler sings of a lover who has left her in a "drought." Her lyrics are raw and honest, conveying the pain and frustration of being left behind.

Skyler's voice is spectacular, with a rich, velvety tone that captures the song's emotional intensity. Her powerful and controlled delivery demonstrates her remarkable musicianship and training as a vocalist. Her ability to convey emotion through her voice is truly remarkable, and it is clear that she has honed her craft over many years of dedicated practice.

The instrumental accompaniment is equally impressive, with a dynamic and groovy beat that sets the perfect backdrop for Skyler's vocals. The production is slick and polished, with a professional sound that showcases the high level of skill and expertise that went into its creation. The song is a testament to Skyler's musical prowess and her dedication to her craft.

"Time of Day" is a stunning example of her talent as a musician, songwriter, and vocalist. It is a testament to the power of music to connect with others and convey complex emotions and a showcase of Skyler's remarkable dedication to her craft. R&B and Soul music fans will surely be impressed by Skyler's latest single and eagerly anticipate her upcoming EP.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Skyler Reed, and congratulations on a beautiful release with "Time of Day," which showcases your incredible vocal range and control. Can you share your approach to vocal performance and how you maintain your vocal health?

Thank you so much. I use classical techniques I learned in college to produce a solid tone with great breath support. I teach voice and piano to students daily, so I am constantly using my voice. I sing in my head voice often and drink Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, "Time of Day," and how did you translate that into the lyrics and melody of the song?

The inspiration was me personifying my gift of creating music. I thought if my gift could speak back to me, what would it say? I had gotten caught up in my business and was not creating as much then. I was not making the time of day for something I loved and needed. Songwriting and creating music have always been the best way I express myself, and is like therapy. With that idea, I wrote it as if it was about a love gone sour. The melody is set in my alto range to go with the vibe of the message.

The "Time of Day" chorus has a powerful message about faith and trust. Can you tell us more about what that means and how it informs your artistry?

Faith and trust are huge values of mine. The message of faith often is a common thread in the lyrics of my songs. In the context of this song, my gift is encouraging me to make time for it. I'm saying that I have faith in myself, while the lyrics seem to tell my lover that I have faith in them. It's about asking for more time and believing the desired outcome will be met.

Your music has been described as a blend of R&B and Soul, with influences from classic artists and contemporary performers. How do you balance these different styles and create a sound that is uniquely your own?

So many music genres and artists have influenced me along the way. To the music, I prefer to listen to, to the lyrics I choose to write, and to the melodies that naturally flow through me. I balance it out by producing or choosing beats with an R&B drive as I sing soulfully and jazzy over them. I grew up listening to beautiful stories through R&B lyrics, so I tend to be detailed as I pen the stories and emotions I want to share. Through studying Soul, I've learned to appreciate the ad-libs that are like icing on a cake, so I typically like to show my range for my ad-libs. My tone and technique shine through from my classical and jazz studies. It's something that is ingrained in the way I deliver. I'm proper, soulful, and dynamic, and through the years,' I have learned to craft that into my own style.

You are passionate about music education and run your own music lessons business, Skyler's Music Studio. How has your experience as an educator influenced your approach to songwriting and performing, and how do you hope to inspire the next generation of musicians through your art?

Being a vocal coach and music instructor has sharpened my ear and skill for singing and playing keys. It has influenced my musicality and delivery. I have a great ear, so my pitch for recording records and performing is pretty accurate. The technique is there because I work at it daily through teaching. I hope to inspire musicians to share their art and pursue their dreams.

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