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Slange Premieres His New Uniquely Crafted Album “A.S.S.S”

Slange, is an Atlanta born and Los Angeles based rapper and storyteller. He exceeds his boundaries with his songwriting using a style that could be described as late 90 allusions with a loose gothic poetic foundation. Or in more simplistic terms, an authentic writer who fuses together classic elements in an original bonafide manner. He’s simply an authentic collision of cult classic horror movies, a pop-punk-rock childhood, and a metaphysical perspective on life and love.

Slange has brought his artistry to another level in his newest album, “A.S.S.S.”  (A Snake Shedding Skin). Ushering in a new era of illuminating rap. The album begins with a chaotic introduction that fuses together a meshed up sounds as if you’re fixing the antenna of a TV. it then transforms into an eerie message with haunting music in the background. The entire introduction captures our attention as it feels like the beginning of a classic horror film, just like he’s used to.

The next song that transitions in is a record called “Enigma in Utero”, a romantic and melodic single with strong lyrical substance. The ethereal beat is illuminating and fabricates a gaudily lush support system to the dramatically emotional vocals that’s being projected by a unique resonance. Not only does Slange sing in this record, but he also delivers a poetic rap verse. The hook, he stretches his vocals to create a more passionately augmented projectory.  The next song to transition in is “Sacrifices” that’s completely different to the vibe of “Enigma in Utero”. Instead of a vulnerable emotional spin on the album, Slange gives you a unique mix of contemporary hip-hop alongside his individuality still being presented. His flows and rap voice is so different opposed to the everyday rapper you hear that it’s almost difficult for Slange to create a colorful trap song and blend in with the rest, instead his unique style helps him stand out from the rest of them.

His next single titled “Homeless” was one of my personal favorites. The beat was more laid-back but it created the urban setting that helped me envision this record more alongside the unguarded lyrics. For me, this song has a strong connection to the artist feelings because it felt as if he was able to allow his true character behind his artistry shine. You begin to think if there’s anything else more to Slange? I mean in just the beginning four tracks you’re already compelled by his story and believe you’ve uncovered every layer to the rapper. However, you’re wrong! The next record “P.I.M.P” was highly thought-provoking and hard hitting because Slange wasn’t afraid to touch base on real life situations that includes depression and anxiety. It showcased the courage in Slange and the entire aura of the song was fearless.

Slange gives his listener a break from the melancholic emotions and depressing vibes with his next single “Godsent Like Hero” that has a more vibrant beat that reminded me of a classic video game journey. The funky beat added a whole new dimension to the album and Slange’s artistry as he was able to switch his flow up constantly throughout the record, displaying versatility.  The next single “Homage To The Wedding Guest” felt like the songwriting was more dedicated to somebody in the personal life of Slange. However, the actual interpretation of this song could go either way for me. Either the song is dedicated to the flaws of Slange’s own character or simply dedicated to a special somebody who was able to hypnotize him the way he hypnotizes his listeners. Nonetheless, regardless of the song’s true theme, the lyrics are relatable. “H.O.M.D” and “Omen” continued the energy of the album and correctly placed its emphasis on the theme of it. It was perfectly arranged and coordinated with the motion of the project and direction it was leading in.

The next single “M(use)A”  begins with a dialogue between two guys about a love interest. Before the highly poetic and contextual lyrics gets its listener stunned and mentally interpreting the meaning into a more simpler version for themselves. “Brimstone” kept that romantic touch intact with inversive lyricism and a passionate delivery. The outro of the project skyrockets you back into the intro of the album where the same brashful mix of the intro continues (the sound of multiple channels changing) but this time it had a slight different approach. Instead of initiating its listener into the album, Slange gives you a quick rundown, indirectly on what we believe is the new version of him. The ending of the project was mind blowing because it had me reflect on the songs I’ve listened to in the duration. What I’ve learned from this, is that each record that warranted it place on “A.S.S.S” could’ve possibly been a representation of Slange’s persona today. For that reason, Slange is a brilliant creator who doesn’t keep his music in one lane, instead he stands out, and surprises his listener who could be expecting a predictable notion. Mirroring the artist’s struggle with his own conflicting identities, the album juxtaposes a core message of luminescent positivity with a hypnotic dark overtone. In "A.S.S.S"., listeners will discover a story of honest breakthrough, and self-fulfilling freedom from the past--definitely not an album to be missing out on.

Make sure you check out and really go through Slange's new album here to get the feel for the artists true music!


What are some challenges you’ve faced in creating this album? How did you overcome these obstacles?

First and foremost, money for recording time. This album, and a lot of my previous material, would not have been possible without Igor at [Hitway Recordings] giving me a crazy discount in exchange for my graphic design/videography work and Heartbreak being a real homie and charging me next to nothing for taking every Sunday of his for 6 months -- Also shout out to my best bud Lucas Gerow who has been my Mixer/Masterer/Audio Engineer since I found my voice which he helped carve out. After that, it was just about getting it done and not forcing a bad day. Heartbreak and I had just moved to LA the summer we recorded this and put every emotion felt into it by proxy, we didn't leave with a record every week, but every week we were in the studio. By the end of this project, I would have dislocated my left shoulder, recorded over half the album with bronchitis, and landed my first job after graduating. So much life was lived around this - that itself was the biggest challenge and blessing.

What is the main theme in “A.S.S.S” and how does the title serve as a reflection for this?

For me, the whole purpose of this album was to shed all the extra weight I had been carrying in the form of unreleased material. I had over 20 songs that I had written throughout the second half of college that I felt were strong enough for a project, but distant enough to be hesitant about releasing (being a reflection of who I was and not who I am from it). Titling it “A Snake Shedding Skin” made it a poetic exigence that allowed me to be comfortable with creating an extended aesthetic around the bundle of tracks. It’s a more pleasant way of alluding to the harsh self-recognition it takes to admit and release one’s unhealthy habits and traits of assumptions/perspective. The skin I was in was restricting my ability to grow. I needed to rid myself of it. The motif in A.S.S.S. like most of my content and artistry is the blurred line between the consumer and what they consume. Specifically, society and media’s shared consumer cycle. I think narratives as a whole (Books, Films, T.V., Plays, etc.) shape the characteristics we attribute to success and failure, beauty and ugliness, intelligence and stupidity, but most importantly morals and values. Thereby stunting the extent to which we might be able to express ourselves do to this subconscious conditioning of what’s to be expected of you at any given situation.

This album was highly intriguing and hard-hitting, where did you find inspiration for most of the songs on there?

Through my life and lens. Everything on this album is a memory or emotion directly tied to an event. I create my music under the guise of some kind of sonic embodiment to hold and have in place of momentary memories. It’s the equivalent to a picture being worth a thousand words, my words are worth a million hours. With that in mind, my buddy Mike once told me about a Kurt Cobain quote that goes something like, “Songs are 70% truth and 30% lies,” and I would agree but say that my songs are 70% truth 10% lies and 20% what I want or foresee happening. My music is also about self-affirmation and divine connection to the universe. Authenticity of expression yields results...even if slow.

Out of all the tracks on “A.S.S.S” which is your personal favorite and why?

My personal favorite track has jumped around a fair bit, but the longest reigning title holder has been M(use)IA. I think it’s my favorite due to the back story and how the people involved are such a huge and important part of my life now. Also, in the studio when recording it, I didn't have chorus, the one you hear I stole from a cemetery track (raps of mine that will never be finished or shouldn't be released) and mended it with the beat Heartbreak had made in a one-off during that section of the track. It was a really nice moment in the middle of making this project that proved we were doing a few things right.

What’s next for you Slange?

Stoke the fire. I have a sectioned demo tape of 4 tracks off a project called “Ballad Boy Slange” (BBS) that I'm looking to release along with a music video or two for the project in late 2019 early 2020. Then release the rest mid-year. It’s the cementing of my sound, something like if STP rapped or Soundgarden went fully acoustic. After that, I have a collaborative project under the band name “Almost Famous” called “Unplugged” by myself and Producer Mike Ijac (The Operator) that I think will be otherworldly and a great representation of growth in motion. Aside from that, live shows and budding a fan base. I want to be known for authenticity. Not being a character. Owning myself and sharing that as well as encouraging others to share their unique and authentic selves. I just want to be a different path of influence in this reckless culture of toxicity and self-sabotage. To help others heal through expression of self-healing. Therapy rap. Shamanic Rap.


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