Slick Mick Releases "Dance With A Car In Pattaya"

Music is an art form that allows people to express themselves through melody. It gives people the power to allow their creative minds to orchestrate a song that’s meaningful to them. 23 year old rapper, Slick Mick displayed this authenticity when in 2016 he got hit by a car in Thailand breaking multiple bones, and having a bleed on his brain. Putting him in post traumatic amnesia for several months. He used that pain and unfortunate experience to something more productive and self-expressive in his single ‘Dance with a car in Pattaya’ he raps about the events leading up to and the feelings he faced during that tragedy. Giving the listeners a detailed, and insighted recap, Mick takes you on the journey with him.

Everything he raps is his honest truth, his sincere feelings and the power he felt when he overcame something physically and mentally detrimental. Mick does what not many rappers do and steers clear from rapping to a hard hitting beat, instead he uses a more mellow and laid back instrumental that’s perfectly fitting for the theme of the song.. Mick translates his powerful inner strength and grace into a song that’s sentimental yet organic. Check it out for yourself!

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Facebook: @SlickMickTheSlickest Twitter: @Slickeest