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SlimeTimeRich Drops a Heavy 20-Track Album with, 'LightningRoses, Vol. 1"

The Columbus-based hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter SlimeTimeRich gives us the goods with his latest 20-track album entitled 'LightningRoses, Vol. 1.'

When one meets the hard-hitting and versatile stylings of SlimeTimeRich, it's hard to ignore the similarities between staple acts like Travis Scott and Partynextdoor. Also influenced by 808 Kanye's autotune art, SlimeTimeRich fuels his sonic and lyrical atmospheres with sweltering vibes ranging from hip-hop to modern r&b.

Now highlighting his recent 20-track album, 'LightningRoses, Vol. 1," SlimeTimeRich powers through with vast sonic atmospheres, hard-hitting bars while also contrasting those themes with reflective and heartfelt r&b tones. With various features on the album from artists like FF, Jock -T Nem, and IndigoYaj, it would be an understatement to say that this project is jam-packed with versatility and power.

Expanding on the album, what instantly catches our ears are the blistering tracks like "Lightning/Red Target," "Bloody Mary," and "Cartier," all of which highlight SlimeTimeRich's solo performance while showcasing his limitless energy and poised bars. Exuding nothing but boundless confidence and dominance, SlimeTimeRich truly lets us into his broad talents while keeping our heads bopping to the beat.

We're more than excited for our readers to get to know this goldmine of an album, especially through lower and darker songs like "Lifted," "Let It Burn," and "Vlone." Through these tracks, SlimeTimeRich displays his Travis Scott influence while also giving us hints of A$AP Rocky through each dense and intricate sonic atmosphere. We must also note SlimeTimeRich's Partynextdoor influence through slower r&b tracks like "Alicia Keys," "Away," "Carry My Name," and "Time Again (Outro)."

It would be a shame to miss the extensive talent and power of SlimeTimeRich's recent album 'LightningRoses, Vol. 1,' as with each track, SlimeTimeRich offers a different lyrical or sonic aspect to keep us engaged and wanting more. Find the album on all digital streaming platforms.



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