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Slip into a "Southern Summer State of Mind," with Brent Saba

Singer-Songwriter Brent Saba from Eastern Pennsylvania invites us to live our best lives in the southern summer sun with his new single "Southern State of Mind." Brent spent his summers on the shores of southern New Jersey, and in the lush mountains of Tennessee. In 2010, he moved to Texas where he fell in love with country music. We can hear inspirations of traditional country, nineties country, and modern country rock in his new single. He later relocated to South Carolina where he fostered his love of guitar and created “Soft Rock Beach Country."

It’s safe to say that "Southern State of Mind" is our new summer anthem. Brent paints the perfect picture of driving down the highway, wind in your hair, music blasting, and living life to the fullest. The listener is able to achieve this "summer state of mind" through lyrics like “everything’s alright” and “kicking back, relax on wine”. We feel all our melt away as we listen to Brent’s soothing voice.

The track opens up with harmonious snaps, a groovy drum beat, light stringy guitar notes, and finally Brent’s comforting voice. The drums pick up and build into the chorus which fades out before the second verse. This building provides us with satisfaction when we do hear the chorus. As our mini summer vacation ends, Brent’s voice slowly fades and we are left focused on snapping.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Brent, and congratulations on the release of "Southern State of Mind." What kind of response were you expecting to receive from this particular song of yours?

"Southern State of Mind" is a laid-back summer vacation-type song. The response I expected was listeners either bumping the song on their way to vacation, on vacation or thinking about vacation - evoking positive memories and feelings.

Where did the vision for "Southern State of Mind" initially grow from? Did the song execute in the manner you had originally hoped it would?

The vision initially started with remembering my summers growing up on the beach taking my grandfather's boat out on the water and renting jet skis. As the song developed it kind of evolved into a song about you and your girl getting away from life's daily routine and building memories together at the beach.

In your own opinion, what element of "Southern State of Mind" was the most compelling?

Other than the bridge, "everything's all been good since you came round" - the most memorable part of the song is without question the chorus and the hook - "everything's alright, summertime off 95." When I wrote the song I had in mind any beach along the east coast of the US, especially the south since a lot of people vacation in the south every year.

Are you planning on releasing further singles in the months to come? Can listeners expect song releases similar to that of "Southern State of Mind?"

I have several songs in the works, most of which I would describe as soft rock country with a beachy-type vibe. I'll be recording these songs at Blackbird studio in Nashville with the aim of releasing this fall.


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