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Slique Releases "Make Up"

Starting with learning how to play the piano at the age of 5, Slique has been around music for as long as he could remember. By the time that he finished high school, he started to learn how to make his own beats and record his own music. Slique notes that some of his influences include Drake, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller.

“Make Up” is the fourth song that he has released on all streaming platforms and he hopes to give off a smooth modern R&B vibe, which he definitely accomplishes. Laidback with various sounds, Slique gives R & B and refreshing new sound. This track incorporates the vocals of Slique with the cool syncopated beats that really give it a unique sound. The track itself is very minimalistic, but this is exactly what gives Slique a unique sound. Lyrically, Slique seems to be talking about a relationship where he is infatuated with his lover, but he is having trouble understanding them. In this song he asking them to “make up” their mind, while asking them to tell him what is on their mind because he obviously cannot read it. Slique makes a chill track that discusses a topic that a lot of people tend to face when in a new relationship. Taking R&B and making it all his own, Slique will find his way on your playlist.

Listen to "Make Up" here and get to know more about Slique below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about yourself? 

Okay well hello guys I go by slique. Im originally from New Jersey but currently in California for the remainder of the year. Kind of on that singing/rapping type wave. Sing well enough for the female crowd but be able to switch it up and throw some bars for the guys. On top of that I produce my own beats. I’ve basically taught myself and done everything on my own from song writing down to cover art. Started out with music learning to play the piano at the age of 5 and been tied to it ever since. 

What was your favorite part in making, “Make up”?

My favorite part in making “Make Up” along with any other song is listening back to it like damn that’s me. Sort of one of those moments where I’m proud of myself. The amount of time I’ve put into 

put into it pays off a little. 

Do you still make your own beats? 

Of course. I started making beats cause I felt the ones on YouTube were a bit generic and weren’t the sound I was looking for so I taught myself. Now it’s grown to be a habit. 

What about Bryson Tiller influences you and your music?

A lot. The 90s persona and vibe he gives off with both his music and image. The meaning behind his songs I can relate to. The type of person he is kinda reminds me of myself. He made R&B cool but can rap his ass off too. That’s dope to me. 

What was the inspiration behind the instrumental of “Make up”? 

I always liked the idea of turning a sample into something new. To where you wouldn’t be able to guess what it is just listening to the beat alone. I randomly thought of the sample and just decided to use it. As far as the chorus, its self explanatory. Was with a female who wasn’t really good at communicating. So I’d get hit with the “I’m fine” but I can tell that ain’t how she was really feeling. 


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