Small Town Artist Ready For The Big Spotlight: Joshua Kinney

Joshua Kinney is a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, and Doctor from a small town in Northern California. Josh was born an artist, but also has a love for health and science. Though he always had a passion for music.. he did not begin singing, playing music and writing songs until the age of 23. After graduating from the University of Hawaii where he bought his first guitar.

Josh made his official debut into the music industry with his new Hit Single “Body Language” (written, produced, and sung by Joshua Kinney).

A funky pop single with a lot of grooves and atmosphere attached, “Body Language” is the multicolored sensual song that we can add to our love making playlists or even fuse it alongside our mainstream radio hits! Joshua Kinney does a great job carrying the vibe of the single from start to finish with his wide vocal range and intricate lyricism. The strategic song is great to show off his charisma, personality and the ability to be bold! If you needed a song that floats in between painting vivid images and sensuality then “Body Language” will be the single for you!

Listen to "Body Language" here.

Connect with Joshua Kinney on social media:

Instagram: @AcousticKinney