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Smok-Mon Gives You The Freedom For Creation With New Single “Ovan Molnen”

With a background in Gothenburg’s indie-pop scene and a love for dirty beats, Smok-Mon evolved. Armed with an ever-changing modular synth and an old school sampler. He’s now creating slowly growing textures, deep bass and melancholic, yet playful grooves. He released his single titled “Ovan Molnen”, the intricate atmospheric vibe you’re going to become abducted into. The magnetic upbeat rhythm is the foundation for the colorful yet hasty dance pop tune. I was able to paint a picture of pixelization, cloudy colorful skies, and random objects of aesthetically pleasurable viewings such as some of my favorite snacks, activities etc.

That’s what I enjoyed most about “Ovan Molnen” was his ability to allow his listeners to paint an image that’s settling for them while listening to the different sounds produced in the record. I believe a challenging aspect an artist may have if they strip away the vocals and lyrics, is still finding a way to hone in the listener’s attention and create the bridge between the song and the ear. However, Smok-Mon fabricated the bridge fluently for us to walk across and enter his song in a smooth-sailing manner!

Listen to “Ovan Molnen” here.


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