Smooth R&B Love Ballad “Be Your Man” Put Zacarias On The Map In A Big Way

Philippine born, Canadian singer/songwriter and musician Zacarias is making passionate music out of Calgary, Alberta. A welcome addition to Calgary’s music scene, his styles range from R&B, Pop, and Hip-hop. Zacarias is currently working towards his untitled debut project, set to release in 2019.

His latest release “Be Your Man” is an intimate love ballad about relationships and all of their quirks. "Be Your Man" gives the listener a retrospective look at Zacarias’ feelings and thoughts.  “Be Your Man” focuses on being in love with someone and finally having a level of confidence to manifest it. “Be Your Man” is reminiscent of anyone’s first love and it demands to be heard. Equipped with a sultry voice and a catchy hook, Zacarias weaves through storytelling elements through his emotive songwriting and R&B stylings. Zacarias curates music that his listeners can relate to in order to forge original connections with his fans. Contemporary pop/hip-hop fused with motown vibes give this track just enough soul for anyone to rock along with. It’s got a contagious energy and addicting melody that we’re bumping on repeat. Authentically Zacarias’ style, “Be Your Man” is a spectacular smooth summer track on it’s way to the top. 

Check out “Be Your Man” here and read more in our exclusive interview below.

Hey Zacarias! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started in the music industry?

Thank you for having me. Well, it started in 2008. I was 20 years old, just graduated from a music production class at a local recording arts school in Calgary. I decided to move to Vancouver for my career, which unfortunately for me, nothing happened. After two months, I moved back to Calgary to work as a street performer, gig musician, and singer. I'd perfom at weddings, busk, and join local bands. During my downtime, I would write songs and record backing tracks. I kept doing this for a number of years. On the spring of 2015, I went back to the school—which was also a commercial recording studio—and played my demos. The studio owner offered me the position of production intern. For the next three years, I learned everything there is to know about producing and recording. I would engineer, produce, mix, perform, compose, and write for studio's clients. In return, the owner paid me sometimes. Mostly, I would receive studio time after business hours. This is where I built up a small catalogue of demos, some of which shaped my early sound.

Was there a specific event/person in your life that made you get into music/ start recording your material?

I remember being 4 years old hanging out inside a living room listening to a cassette of "Black or White" by Michael Jackson. It changed my life; all I ever wanted to do then was copy his singing and dance around. I grew up around church a lot and imitated the singing of the choir. My parents saw my interest in music and bought me a Casio keyboard. I joined all the choir and band programs. I recall being about 12-13 years old; whenever I felt inspired, I would go into our family computer, open up windows xp sound recorder, and with a plastic computer mic record myself singing and sometimes even rapping tunes. These moments were pretty much the start for me. 

Who are you musical influences and how do they help shape your sound?

I will say I derived most of my guitar playing style from John Mayer and Eric Clapton. I love Coldplay. They've taught me the art of blending contrasts to create mood. To a lesser extent, Radiohead as well. Vocally, Chris Martin, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, and Musiq Soulchild really influence me. Then you have J Dilla sampling and beats, Herbie Hancock harmony, The Neptunes' production, Alicia Keys' sound, The Roots' live hip-hop, the Tom Misch guitar, Robert Glasper piano, Dwele composition... The list is too long haha. But, these artists and bands are my study material.

What does “Be Your Man” mean to you? What do you want your listeners to take away from it?

I remember going through a breakup where my ego told me it was time to move on, no turning back. Suddenly, I started feeling like all the colour and substance in my life begin to seep out of picture. Eventually, it became empty like a new canvas. That was a tough moment for me. Some time passed. I was on my phone ready to delete all my memory of her and then a picture of her came up. And just like a finger snap, that empty canvas came back to life. I saw my future with her. And that was the moment when I knew I wanted to be the one for her.

I want people to know that loving someone has to be honest and reciprocal. "Be Your Man" is about catching feelings, and finding the courage to tell that someone exactly what they mean to you. It's also about trying to gain something that could be lost forever. Whether it's someone old or new in your life, it's feeling that desire to create a life with someone you've fallen in  love with however many times over.

Can we have any hint at a release date for your upcoming EP?

The EP (which shall remain nameless) could come out late 2019.


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