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Smooth Retsina Glow Cherishes Their "Memories Made"

Hailing from Pennsylvania, the talented and versatile four-piece Smooth Retsina Glow highlights their groovy and atmospheric hit, "Memories Made," off their latest 10-track album, 'Out of the Ether.'

Formed in 2019 with a couple of lineup changes, Smooth Retsina Glow currently comprises guitarist/vocalist Colin Wolf, vocalist Sarah Stoll, bassist Stephen Zalalas, and Drummer Brian Derkas. The band's albums and singles have made their way into the hearts of many and are constantly proving themselves as one of the most creative acts out of Pennsylvania.

Recently releasing their dynamic album, 'Out of the Ether,' Smooth Retsina Glow grooves their way to our heart with the album's toe-tapping fourth track, "Memories Made." This was the first single to come from the record, and it landed the band their first #1 single charting in Australia's Bank City Radio.

Getting to the goods, "Memories Made" opens with the grooviest of guitar riffs and a scorching hot bass lick alongside a dreamy array of synths and mid-tempo drum breaks. As Sarah Stoll makes her dreamy and tranquil vocal appearance, she begins to expand on the unknown future while cherishing the memories she's made in the past.

We love the funk approach that Smooth Retsina Glow has taken with this single, as it not only rounds out the album perfectly but also gets us up and moving with each groovy bass lick and punchy drum beat. As the band makes their way to the song's end, they leave us with this ultimate refreshing sensation that lifts the soul 'Out of the Ether.'

Experience the dynamic and uplifting listening experience of Smooth Retsina Glow's single, "Memories Made," off their latest album, 'Out of the Ether,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Smooth Retsina Glow. We love the funky and groovy vibe of your latest hit, "Memories Made." What inspired your group to write this piece? What message did you want to get across?

Colin Wolf-guitar player and songwriter, wanted to get write a song that reflected his love of sophisticated harmony have influenced by artists like Jacob Collier, Steely Dan, Lauren Nyro, and contemporary artists like Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, and Daft Punk.

Who wrote the reminiscent and reflective lyrics for "Memories Made?" Was this a shared process?

Colin Wolf wrote all the lyrics by himself.

Could you break down your group's creative process when creating "Memories Made?" How did you go about arranging the piece and building it behind the scenes?

As the sole songwriter, Colin Wolf writes all the music- chords, stylistic feels, melodies, and lyrics and melodies. Due to the absence of a full-time bassist during summer 2020 as well as covid restrictions, Wolf was forced to overdub all instruments except the drums and vocal( later added by Sam Radogna and Sarah Stoll respectfully).

How does "Memories Made" fit into the concept and theme of your album 'Out of the Ether?' How does this song help represent what the album is?

'Out of the Ether' was written and conceived in the maelstrom that was 2020- although it's safe to say as a whole it wasn't a year many of want to relive- best learned from, filed away, and forgotten, it is a plea for good nature and positive vibes. Everything sooner or later comes and goes out of the Ether, and Memories Made is a reminder for enjoying those better moments, which for most hopefully are more.

What's next for you?

Smooth Retsina Glow, now compromising Wolf, Bassist Stephen Zalalas, and Drummer Brian Derkas are hard at work gigging. Since Out of the Ether was released in April, the band is logged a staggering 103 shows, with more to follow in 2022 and the real prospect of a summer tour. They are about to begin releasing music from their upcoming third album, Metaphysical, due out in Spring 2022, and are also looking for a new co-vocalist.


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