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SnapDibz and Rey Khan Fuel Our Fires in "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)"

The American-Indian rapper and pop/hip-hop recording artist SnapDibz teams up with pop sensation Rey Khan for their relentless and empowering single, "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)."

SnapDibz first made waves in the music industry with his hit singles "You and I" and "Masterplan." As he continued his venture into mainstream pop/hip-hop, SnapDibz began gaining even more traction with hits like "Backwards in my Head," which remains SnapDibz's most-streamed song at 250k hits.

Recently collaborating with pop sensation Rey Khan, the two conjured up one of the most inspirational and powerful hits we've heard this year dubbed "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)." The song also has an equally compelling music video that looks at successful and hardworking people stopping at nothing until their goals become a reality.

Hitting play on the single, "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)," the track kicks off with a mysterious and melodic piano melody alongside Rey Khan's warm and catchy vocals that set the song's powerful and motivational tone. As he takes on the first verse, Khan continues to harmoniously sing about scheming and plotting his next moves while putting the work in—making his dreams a reality.

About halfway through the track, SnapDibz jumps in and takes the song by storm with his heated and rhythmic bars. We adore the clarity and articulation within SnapDibz's vocal delivery; he makes it easy to listen and comprehend each bar. While empowering the listener with his motivational and honest bars, SnapDibz continues to ride the hearty beat and flow his way to the outro with nothing but might.

Get your dose of inspiration with SnapDibz and Rey Khan's latest fiery single, "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the power and motivation within your recent single, "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)." What inspired you to create such an empowering and relentless single?

"Rivals" is about conquering your fears, getting the right team and ignoring all the nay-sayers (haters), and looking the competition in the eye. There are always people trying to hold you back and keep you from your potential… I want us to see and realize we are stronger than we allow ourselves to be.

Was this your first time collaborating with Rey Khan for "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)?" How did this collaboration come about?

Rey and SnapDibz have been working together for a very long time. One of our first collaborations was "My Identity," released around 2015. (

More recently, in 2021, Rey and I have been working on a larger collaboration project. "Backwards in my Head" was the first release from this project on 5/2021 and has become the most-streamed SnapDibz song on Spotify with over 230K streams. "Rivals" is the 3rd release from that project which was released 11/5…. and the next is set for early next year.

Who produced the powerful and melodic production for "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)?" What vibe or atmosphere did you want the sonics to offer?

The producer was Yxss Beats from Sudan. This was our first project together, but we have something new in the works as well. The mix was done in Quincy, IL. We wanted this for o be a nice commercial sound, but a powerful inspirational mood, and of course can't leave out the low end!

What do you hope your audience takes away from your recent single, "Rivals (feat. Rey Khan)?"

With this release and my next, I want to continue to build my fanbase. Though I've been making music for almost a decade, my first professional EP, "Levels," was released in 2/2020, and my sound continues to grow yet refine, and overall I feel I continue to improve. I want my fans and the world to know that SnapDibz is here and belongs to be here. SnapDibz has a nice commercial yet unique and polished sound, with positive vibes and uplifting messages.

What's next for you?

Rey and I have more projects that we've been working on and will be releasing over the year. I'm trying to work out another collaboration project that will be a little more random if it happens… so that tuned for that. I've also finally gotten back in front of the camera. As I know, we've been doing a lot of animated music videos with secondary lyric videos as well… I've finally gotten back in front of the camera in collaboration with Vanguard Creative, who did our prior music videos, including "Beakers," "Identity" feat Rey mentioned above and even "Dreaming." 2022 is going to be a nice year!!


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