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So Cekure Releases Hit New Single "On My I G"

So Cekure is a 27 year old lyrical poet coming from Landover, Maryland. So Cekure is a hardworking family man who has a plan to make it in the music industry to not only provide for his family, but to give them what they deserve. So Cekure has been creating music for over 7 years and his experience is evident within his work. With a perfect melody, lively flow, relatable lyrics, and laid-back vibe, So Cekure is the perfect artist to listen to to unwind, kickback with friends, or even to set the mood while being with your significant other!

“On My I G” is So Cekure’s newest track is undeniably catchy. My favourite verse from his new song is “I got something to say I get down on my knees and pray, I’ve been thinkin’ about your love all day”. I like how he is straight up about the fact that he’s in love and has no shame in it. “On My I G” has a positive vibe to it and So Cekure sings every lyric with confidence and emotion. “On My I G” is right on trend with all of the top 100 songs topping todays charts. I highly recommend checking out So Cekure so you can rep him before he blows up!

Listen to "On My I G" here, and scroll below for the artists exclusive interview!


Is there a hidden meaning behind “On My I G”?

I wouldn't say there was a hidden meaning. Consistently when I would go to my IG app, I would see these beautiful amazing women everyday. I simply made a song reflecting the emotions and thoughts I felt and had.

What makes “On My I G” different from your other releases?

Well first, it's my first official single that I have released on all platforms. It was my first time using auto tune. It was also the very first positive feel good song that I had done for a long time. The first song I had done when I had completely climbed out of a dark place.

What inspired you to start writing music?

My friend who was more like a brother to me, José. I made a promise to him when he died that I would at least try to become a rapper because that's what he wanted for me. I started out as a poet and he used to read all of my poetry. He kept pushing me to rap as I deflected the idea. Now here I am. He never even got to hear my first song but I hope I'm making him proud now. My best friend Maus too. She's the reason I started writing poetry again to begin with. She continues to be a muse for me even today.

Do you have any musical influences who have helped shape your career in music? If so, who and why?

Most definitely J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. To me they both embody everything rap/hip hop was, is, and will be. I feel like they've kept it the realest in the industry. They actually care about the content in which they give to the world. They are two of the best talents I've ever had the privilege to witness.

What's next for you through 2019?

I'm currently working on piecing together an album. I'm not promising that it will be out this year though. I do have more singles to drop. Growth is my main focus this year. I'm currently exploring ways to achieve the growth I'm searching for, which lead me to this opportunity.


Don't forget to check out So Cekure on social media to keep up with latest releases:


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