Soapbox Army is Here to Impress With "Speaking in Tongues"

Updated: Feb 11

What kind of genre does Soapbox Army fall into? Well, it depends on the kind of song you're listening to from the Indie/Pop/Rock/Alt band. Truly, the list of genres could go on. Soapbox Army is the kind of band that incorporates a variety of soundings into their track releases. Some track releases blend heavier genres than others, yet we're always being offered tracks that maintain that smooth and integrative effect. Soapbox Army consists of members Dan Tucker, Zac Selissen, Billy Smolen and Simon Fishburn. Collectively, the band shares a similar vision for the sound they want to achieve, and they showcase such sound with a balanced execution.

"Speaking in Tongues" is the most recent single release that 2020 has seen from Soapbox Army. The track gives off a very mid 00's alt/rock feel, but of course with contemporary stylings to stimulate the listeners of today. Soapbox Army makes use of heavy instrumentals throughout "Speaking in Tongues", which we know was integrated purposefully to create both an atmospheric effect, as well as a grungy ambiance. For "Speaking in Tongues", we really receive that rock aspect of Soapbox Army, which contrasts from other Indie/Pop elements we sometimes receive from the band. We really think that "Speaking in Tongues" displays a new sound from Soapbox Army. In total, we felt struck by the guitar riffs and striking, yet soft vocals. The band is already in talks about creating more music for the rest of 2020, so keep your ears peeled for more!

Discover "Speaking in Tongues" here.