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Sofia Gillani Cuts Out Toxicity In New Single, "WYN"

In Sofia’s own words: ‘WYN’ (Without you now) was a song that plays with harmonies and in my opinion, feelings. 'WYN' particularly focuses on a phase in my life where I had to cut out toxicity in order to really progress through my life. It gave me a fresh perspective and is quite a lovely song as it became a version of me that could heal and be playful in the musicality and melodies of the song whilst adding uplifting messages. WYN is the next part of me, the following cleansing of my soul. Quite profound in its message, yet still fun for me - just as music always has been.

Sofia Gillani, the dynamic London-born singer/songwriter, has been captivating audiences since 2020 with her empowering music and visually striking videos. With an impressive collection of singles to her name, including the acclaimed

'Water Run Dry,' featured on BBC Introducing, Sofia's bold and invigorating pop sound is making waves worldwide. From Westfield London to Haslemere Fringe and Luton Pride, her live performances continue to leave a mark as he progresses. Sofia Gillani is undeniably the next bold pop sensation.


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