Sol-Setter Brings Us Pure Soul With Their New Single "Bittersweet"

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Sol-Setter, an LA Based indie folk duo comprised of Thor Sigurdsson and Manu Beker. Inspired by indie/folk icons including #FleetFoxes, #BonIver and #KingsofConvenience. Sol-Setter's sound is characterized by vocal harmonies and interlocking guitar parts, making the listener feel cozy and nostalgic as if one were on a journey back home. The release of their single “Bittersweet” commences with dulcet chords' courtesy of the acoustic guitar, proceeding into their classic folk sound this duo is comprised with. Place yourself in a setting of tranquility, feel at home and in a state of mind that’s not easily disturbed. That’s the atmosphere “Bittersweet” positions you in. The honeyed sound is delicate alongside sweet. Charming you into an irresistible love for the duo and their dedication to the perfection of “Bittersweet”. The resonance is pure and demonstrates the natural tone the vocalists are equipped with. It's admirable due to the fact that music has become so transparent nowadays where talent is becoming unnoticed. Significant amount of computerized vocalists has overtaken the industry and Sol-Setter is situated at a great distance from the fabricated expertise of singers and songwriters. Check out Sol- Setter's release of “Bittersweet” and connect with this incredible duo on social media!

Check out Sol-Setter's new single "Bittersweet". Hear from the band themselves about the inspiration and meaning behind their new single "Bittersweet".

How did you guys develop the idea behind your name “Sol - Setter” ?

Both of us have different backgrounds those being Icelandic and Mexican. Sol-Setter is a mix of Spanish, Icelandic and English. The name originates from the Icelandic word sólsetur which translates to sunset. We mixed that with the Spanish word Sol (Sun) and out of that comes Sol-Setter.

Mind giving our readers an artist interpretation on the single “Bittersweet”?

While there is no specific story behind bittersweet, when we first wrote it, we both wanted the song and lyrics to convey the experience of a relationship falling out. However we both added each of our own personal experiences to make Bittersweet something relatable to whoever has felt the same way.

The vocals are so pure and seemingly natural. Do you feel your voices have evolved throughout your music career?

Our voices have definitely grown throughout our lives but us coming together for this project has been a growth of its own. In Sol-Setter we focus a lot of harmonizing together which is something that we hadn't done on our individual projects prior to meeting, and so this project has definitely allowed us to explore our voices and songwriting in a new way.

What is the overall feeling “Bittersweet” should have on its listeners?

If we could sum it up, Bittersweet tries to evoke the feeling of watching you love slip away and not being able to do anything about it. Sometimes you can get caught too up in the "what ifs" and loose sight of how precious the present is.

What’s next for you guys?

Right now, Sol-Setter is growing as a band! We just started playing live shows with a full ensemble that includes strings and percussion. We're still in the process of completing the arrangements but that hasn't stopped us from continuing to perform live as well as write new material.

The future is bright for us, since we have just started to arrange our first tour for this coming summer, so stayed tune for new material, shows and news from our band.

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