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Solar a Solar System of Ambiance With Betty Moon’s New Album “COSMICOMA”

Los Angeles' own Betty Moon's entrancing sounds always seem to up the ante this songwriter and producer embraces. With a substantial underground following that passionately approves her unique fusion of rock, pop, and electronic resonance, the illuminating platform that Betty Moon stands on always seems to have her stepping into the next level.

This stands true on the release of her tenth studio album, 'COSMICOMA.' Tapping into a familiar range of sounds that die-hard Betty Moon fans may recognize, the lead single "My Only One" has us surfing through the glimmers of nostalgia that gave Betty Moon the reputation she wears extravagantly well to this day.

Blending dark melodies that thrive in a pop universe, the myriad of mind-altering resonance has you immediately gravitating towards the mysterious elements present. Fixating upon timely percussion that trickles into your speakers, you can find these patterns accompanied by electric guitar riffs and a protruding vocal that is an impeccable blend of elusive and potent.

Incorporating playful hues into the theme addressed of infidelity, Betty Moon aims to make this compelling piece resonate with each listener in a manner that's custom to them. Adding shimmering buoyancy to how she gets her bolstered essence across, we're very familiar with what Betty Moon brings to the table as a producer. Allowing us to divulge into this eight times over with her brand new album, 'COSMICOMA,' makes it that much more of a sonic delicacy on the spectrum of rock-driven soul.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Betty Moon. It's always a pleasure when we get to chat with you about all things music. With "My Only One" being your lead single off 'COSMICOMA,' what inspired you to set the pace with this record?

Thank you for having me. As always on any Betty Moon album, I like to have a diverse range of songs that set the tone and keep the "sound" that many listeners have come to appreciate. "My Only One" is sort of a signature style track, it has the 90's rock energy that I think is timeless, and that put me on the map when I lived in Canada. I brought my sound down here to Los Angeles, and on many of my newer albums, including Cosmicoma, I injected some other cool styles like electronic, funk, soul, and more. I want to assure everyone that rock n' roll is at the heart of everything, as always.

Is there a particular moment or story that "My Only One" is based on? Do you tend to speak from personal experiences or fantastical realms when you create?

Many of my songs I leave vague and up to the listener to interpret. I think it's more fun that way and keeps people engaged. "My Only One" is a bit of a love song. I get nostalgic about my times being out on the town and dating/meeting some very interesting people ranging from celebrities to people who end up being crazy. Many broken hearts are spread around in my songs as well, and "My Only One" is more about those unique loves that you meet that are quite irreplaceable because they own that moment in time.

How do the concepts that are addressed in this song complement the rest of the album?

All the songs are always connected because they tell stories of love, overcoming the odds, the universe, and other relatable topics that we can all connect with. So instead of journaling or dumping my dirty laundry on social media, I'll write a song, and eventually, it becomes an album. Rock N' Roll is about being vulnerable and unique in a way that the listener can connect with, and I think each Betty Moon album does a pretty good job putting all the pieces together.

Not many can say that they've released ten studio albums, so kudos to you! How does 'COSMICOMA' stand apart from the rest?

Good question, if anything. I take things a few steps back in time and put more rock/guitar work into these tracks. Over the years, I went a bit more pop and electronic on some of these albums, and more recently, I was missing the days of heavy guitar riffs and a bit more aggressive singing. The album is still many steps forward in the grand scheme of things, but I always like to stay grounded and keep the Betty Moon sound consistent.

What's next for you?

I've been working on new music throughout 2021 and saved a few extra tracks from the Cosmicoma sessions to put on this next album. I try to release something every year at this point, and the focus is staying in the studio weekly to get the next EP or LP locked for an early 22' release. I may have a music video or two up my sleeves, and heck..maybe even a live show or two early next year.


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