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Sole Oceanna Asks The Question, “Was It Me?”

With the powerful instrumentals of punk, emotional lyrics, and a sweet voice, Sole Oceanna laments a failed romance in “Was It Me?”

It was clear since Sole Oceanna was a child that music was meant to be her northern star. Now she is 15 years old, and her talent blossoms like the most magnificent flower in the garden as she explores human emotions through songwriting. While listening to her relatable lyrics, her music is as intense as the feelings it produces.

“Was it Me?” has an ambiance of constant thinking with gloomy guitar chords, like placing the question repeatedly. It expresses the uncertainty produced by a failed love and the disappointment of having given it to someone that eventually hurt you. When there is no going back in a broken relationship, you expect both persons to ask, “Was it Me?”

Hitting the play button on “Was It Me?,” you will hear an enchanting guitar accompanied by fast-paced hi-hats that welcome the melodic voice of Sole Oceanna. As she sings, the vocal effects give energy to her words and catch the listener's attention. The song's chorus takes the hype to its peak and explodes in charge of euphoria, so prepare your throat to sing along.

It is incredible how “Was It Me?” takes the essential vibes of punk and adds digital elements to make it a richer experience and maximize the transmission of emotions. Defensively Sole Oceanna takes out the pain and anger but also demonstrates you can overcome hard times.

If you have been there, in the pain of lost love, “Was It Me?” can be cathartic, and you should listen to it. Love can be chaotic, but in music, you find peace.

Keep an eye out for our exclusive interview with Sole Oceanna coming soon.


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