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"Solo (feat. Kolpaquee)," Sends Us Through Smoky Waves Of Sandra Abner

Artist, musician and songwriter Sandra Abner delivers a sound that she defines as experimental eclectic.

Residing in Moscow, Russia, Sandra Abner began writing music at the age of 15, with music always being a form of nourishment. Various genres that influence her original creations are a fusion of Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Rock.

Creating a furtive universe in the striking contrast of her most recent single, “Solo,” Sandra Abner recruits the talents of Kolpaquee to provide listeners with the lens into a world custom to her. Deluxe harmonies grace the speakers with Sandra Abner’s soft-spoken vocal performance. The delicate presence in her tone can’t fool you.

Sandra Abner is powerful in the way that she conveys her message. Opulent guitar riffs add a dimensional feel to the tantalizing instrumentation as we open our minds to a perfectly balanced arrangement. Swaying through numerous realms, Sandra Abner’s musical creations truly bend genres as she transitions through reverberated sounds on rotation.

There’s a method to her madness, and we admire the artistic versatility that jumps out at us from the speakers. Immersed in a smoky atmosphere swept with certainty, fans of Sandra Abner are in for a treat with the sensual melodies offered up. Committing to her identity in a brazen manner, Sandra Abner’s talents illuminate her bright spirit in the dusky paths of thought-provoking lyrics. Digest this record on a full mind to find release into ease and comfort. Sandra Abner has brought an abundance to the table.

What moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

I feel, as a songwriter, one of the hardest things to do is to say how you feel. In my songs, I'm not saying something that's never been said before. It's the emotion that is coming from inside. It always hits me unexpectedly in a car or right before I go to bed. There are no tricks. It's honesty with big melodies and captured emotions.

What was it like working with Kolpaque to achieve the desired sound in, “Solo”?

Ivan (Kolpaque) is a genuine talent pure and simple. In fact, he is one of the best I have had the privilege to work with. He's so musically gifted and his intuition and sense of music are very familiar with mine.

So I’d call it musical synergy, that sound, and feeling came out from deep inside of both of us.

Being inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, and Elvis Presley, how do you allow their influence to speak into the music that you create?

Inspiration is like a memory sponge, you keep absorbing every fragment or feeling or moment or story or sound. That subconsciously influences you and moves you. With any type of creation, you create what's inside of you, and everything you observe, experience, and feel during your lifetime will always be your co-creator. Answering your question I would say: in my music you will hear a galaxy called "lifetime".

As an artist, what is your main message that you put forth in the music that you create?

It's just all love. That's what music is. That's why music is created. To make people feel good.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I feel it's my job to continue being a student of music if I want to continue being an artist. You have to keep filling your mind with other music and knowledge and continue feeding that little "scientist" that lives within and to always think and be ahead of the curve.



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