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“Somebody” By Gia Is The Heartfelt, Eye-Opener Of The Year

Passionate, young emerging artist and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, Australia is GIA who was born with music flowing through her veins. Her music speaks of life well beyond her years with honest, heartfelt lyrics about love, loss and the rollercoaster of life. Her sound is a combination of eclectic, pop-rock and indie and at 20 years old already has an entire album consisting of 13 songs under her belt, along with performing and working with some of Australia’s most idolised artists and musicians. Gia has supported many non-profit organisations by participating in their events on a regular basis and hosting concerts to raise funds for research. Gia’s debut “My Way Home” is a great example of how she loves to experiment and bring fresh sounds, combining tribal rhythms with a chanting chorus. This anthem that provides warmth and direction to Gia’s audience has reached over 15,000 streams on Spotify and the music video gained 16,000+ views. “Music has the power to heal. When used as a therapeutic tool, it can cure. That’s why I love doing what I do! Writing and performing is my meditation. My Music is my belief. My passion. My Life.” – Gia

“Somebody” is Gia’s latest release and is another track that really shows that she enjoys experimenting with different sounds and tones with this touch of synth pop. Her delivery of the lyrics really gives you a clear picture to the possible story behind them, of a longing to be with her somebody or missing her lover. Gia’s voice is a beautiful tone and has power behind each note, with beautiful harmonious vocal tracks accompanying her melodic sound. “Somebody” is filled with driving guitar riffs that add a touch of mystery to this upbeat and uplifting tune, and compliment the intensity that is embedded throughout. “I stare into this empty space in front of me, I miss the sound of your voice coming down the hole” and “I could be better and I could be worse, oh I need somebody, somebody” are just some of the lyrics that lure the listener into wanting to hear more of this entrancing story, with moving melodies that are lively and vivacious. “Somebody” is a heartfelt song that draws Gia’s audience in with her alluring and sultry vocals combined with the addiction tunes of each instrument. I Highly recommend you add this playlist to your daily listens as it is bound to have you hooked after the first minute.

Listen to "Somebody" here and get to know more about Gia below!

Hey Gia! Pleasure to catch up with you! Can you tell us a little more about yourself and how you found your passion for music?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me as a feature artist for BuzzMusic LA! I’m a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. I’ve had this everlasting passion for music since I was born. Growing up, my parents always had music playing. Whether it was Aussie classics, 80’s nightclub, 90’s hits, Rock ‘n’ roll or Greek music - you name it. We had it going on! I absolutely loved when Mum would put on a Greek CD. I would stand in the middle of the lounge room with a microphone and entertain. At the age of four, I got my hands on my first guitar. My father showed me one chord and I took it from there. He couldn’t believe his eyes! “She’s strumming as if she’s been playing for ten years!” he exclaimed to Mum. When I was 13-14 years of age, I began performing in local pubs and at various corporate events. Around the same time, I began to dabble in song writing. I remember performing the first song I ever wrote at school in the auditorium in front of 600+ students and teachers. I can still hear the applause in my head to this day. It was massive! My heart was racing. At that moment, I realised “this is what I want to do.” 

As someone who loves to experiment with sounds are there any that you particularly loved adding in and what are some we should listen for?

I love referring to my Greek heritage and experimenting with particular scales and melodies of Greek/Middle Eastern culture. I combine that with a modern, eclectic twist. Most times, I’ll experiment with synthesisers and electronic rock sounds. This is visible in my latest release, ‘Somebody’, with a punchy synth phrase in the verses. You can’t miss it! 

What was the creative process like for “Somebody” and what is the meaning behind it?

I wrote ‘Somebody’ around a time where I just wanted someone to find me and pull me out of the mess I was in. I wanted a soul mate to save me from myself. You go through rough times in your life and it’s not always easy to remain positive. Doubts and stress fade in and out of your mind. In the end, you can be your own worst enemy. I wanted to be woken up and pulled out of the darkness. Some days, the song is still relevant!  When I sat down and wrote ‘Somebody’, my immediate thought was “This needs to be anthemic! I’m going to make this the song that everyone can shout from the rooftops!” Thanks to my good friends, Dave Leslie (guitarist of The Baby Animals) for his killer guitar solo and Mr Jackie Barnes (Jimmy Barnes) for his thumping rhythms, ‘Somebody’, was loads of fun to record in the studio. We honoured my inner rock chick with this one. 

What is your driving force for writing music and what are some things that inspire your songs?

As cliché as it may sound, music is how I express myself. It’s my release. It’s my life. Whenever I’m stressed or overthinking things (heaven knows I overthink way too much!) I write. I use emotions, feelings and experience to create art, whether it be my own or another persons’, I love the idea of turning your pain into something creative and using it to inspire. I confide in the next blank page of my book, letting the pen write whatever flows through my veins. Sometimes it becomes a song instantly, others, it can take a while and needs to develop. 

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

It’s all about growth and experience here at Gia HQ. I’m always working on the next idea and trying to keep ahead of the ballgame. Stay tuned! There will be more releases, more music videos and hopefully some more shows here in Australia. I’m definitely looking forward to travelling to the United States one day soon too! For now, we’re focused on making it happen. This brings me one step closer to that goal. Much love to you all! Gia xx 


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