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Somori Pointer Radiates Nostalgic Edge In, "ALEGRE MUERTE"

Conceived in the narrow aisles of used record stores and born from a restless musical mind, Somori Pointer is possessed by a psychedelic soul along with his rock n roll devil riding upon his shoulder.

Luring the wolf within himself to howl with fury when the time is right, he got his first taste of what was to become a musically rich life while attending a sold-out concert in the Bay Area. Somori Pointer is on a mission to make you feel like he did that one life-changing night years ago when he was a youngster again.

Getting a taste of his amplified essence in the latest single, "ALEGRE MUERTE," the phenomenal presence of Somori Pointer is encapsulated within this single. With an eccentric mind that plays into the rock n roll spirit present in the visualizations paired with this sonic offering, we get to experience the dark yet powerful sense of Somori Pointer. With a hypnotic effect that entrances you in the depth unveiled, it's hard not to let the chugging guitar riffs and colossal percussion patterns allow you to get lost in the tunnel vision represented in "ALEGRE MUERTE."

Through the nostalgic footage that simmers in your mind, the vintage-esque color grading makes it so that the warmth and vibrancy have you fixated on the traditional tenors seen and heard. Luring us into a magnetic voyage that perfectly represents Somori Pointer, this compelling masterpiece is sure to have you swaying to the grooves in the front of you.

Drowning us in an offering with equal parts eye-catching visuals and alluring melodies, Somori Pointer is a visionary who knows how to convey his talent through a gritty execution. Carrying forth an unpredictable core that births soul into his music, he reimagines the fundamental elements that today's music industry has forgotten about.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Somori Pointer. We love the hypnotic essence of your latest single, "ALEGRE MUERTE." What story or moment inspired the creation of this song?

There wasn't any particular moment that inspired the song it was a combination of or should I say the combination of watching the news and watching what is happening on social media and noticing that it seems like no one is really happy with who they are and I think that, that’s sad that people can make money off of others insecurities in such a gross display of leeches. I guess this was my way of saying take all the standards that you want me to live up to and “you know what to do”. Realize it is impossible to live up to everybody's expectations, including your own.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you? What do you hope that your audience can take away from it?

The message that I am conveying is that art is important. I would like to shed the light on the fact that it's hard work what we do. To create and manipulate and shape these sounds into something audible, well, I'll just say it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Not only that but then to have the courage to share what you’ve created with the world, strangers. Giving them an insight into your world and your heart.

Could you please take us into the concept for the music video? What inspired the unique scenes that we get to take in?

Well the video as far as concept, the split-screen concept anyway, resembles the fact that at this point in my life either way you slice it I am the same person so there is no Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for lack of a better term, I am all both sides and both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the other images in the video are some of the parts that make up who I am.

What is the most important message for you to convey in the music that you craft?

What I want people to take away from it, and what I take away from it too, is that you have to realize that the only things that can and will live forever are things that we can't see everything else has an expiration date. So appreciate and accept those traits that make you unique, the things no one can see or touch and take away. Those are the things that will keep you and your name and your spirit alive and living forever.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

I would like new listeners to know that everything that I release whether it's videos or songs, albums, an EP, whatever I do creatively is 100% me, for better or worse. That’s why I’m naming my next EP S. K. P. Because I wanted it to be like if someone was to walk upon the hill in the future and just find a CD or tape or VHS tape and they just saw you know in black sharpie S.K.P. on it. It's an SKP (Somori Kunene Pointer) guide for dummies anything I put out represents some part of me.

Do you have any releases lined up before the end of the year?

Yes I do have projects in the works for 2022 not so much musically some different business ventures I've started a new social network with a business partner of mine Eric Key, and the social network is called geezer rocks ( and it's a platform to its platform for musicians over 40 exclusively any genre but I figure it's important for the community to have somewhere to you know talk shop and also share similar experiences in this business we’re in from my 20s or teens to her 30s or 40s and I believe there's a certain wisdom that younger artists don't necessarily have all the time so it's almost like a support group but it's also you can share music and we can have discussions with other artists in your age demographic. If you're over 40, which I am. It’ll be good it's exciting. is a real “been there done that” type of community that will be interesting and fun to watch develop. Other than that music is always flowing through me so I'm sure I will be releasing a few projects musically next year as well.

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