Song Of The Week: "Migraine" By Baggins Ft. Roulette

Baggins and Roulette released their new single “Migraine”, an interesting rap song and something unorthodox from what you’re used to hearing. The beat is purely classic hip-hop. It’s a simple foundation on an instrumental backtrack for the artist to just spit bars like most rap songs in the beginning of hip-hop. The exemplary flow is just one small fraction of this multifaceted and adaptable song that catches your attention. The lyricism has a mixture of a deep message blended with fun humor. You can get jiggy with the lyrics while also realizing they are speaking real facts. Another interesting characteristic of this song is their unique accent. They don’t have your typical rap voice we’re used to hearing on the radios and all around in the music world. It’s individualistic, singular, and nonconformist from the typical prototype voices. The dedication and diligence that Baggins & Roulette is equipped with translated into their lyrics. Both rappers have their own style yet are like one another which makes them a distinctive pair that will create waves with their fun wordplay and trendy approach to hip-hop.

Most of their musical influences comes from artists including Eminem, Tinie Tempah, XXXTentacion, and many more, however they can expand to other genres as well with various of musical impactful artists like the greats of Michael Jackson, Skrillex, and Queen. We’re looking forward to seeing what else this electric pair has in store for their fans and for the music world!

Stream "Migraine" on SoundCloud here and check out our exclusive interview with Baggins and Roulette below!

Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Baggins: My name is Yaboibaggins, or Baggins for short (my real name is Billy O’Brien), and I am a 17 year old Hip Hop and Trap rapper from Bracknell, UK. I started rapping at 10 after listening to some pop rap on the radio, and as I got older, my tastes changed and I realized I was able to use music as an outlet for emotional stress and issues. 

Roulette: My name is Roulette (Dylan Shaw) I'm a 18 year old producer and rapper from Reading, UK. I started production at the age of 13 in an after school music tech program. I was very much influenced bu dubstep producers like Datsik, KOAN SOUND and Culprate and I started making dubstep on ableton live. I didn't start making serious music until 2016 when I uploaded my first track called 'Scream' to my Soundcloud which can still be found. I originally went by the name "The Kamikaze Effect" but in 2017 I changed my name with the hopes of a fresh start in my musical career when starting a production diploma at the Academy of Contempory Music in Guildford.

How long have you two  known each other? How did you meet?

Baggins: Roulette and I got into contact in April earlier this year through a mutual friend of ours. I had just released a demo for a solo song and my friend knew I was in need of a producer, so he hooked us up, which is when Dylan produced my first solo trap song. After that, we decided to form the collective Broke Bois 4 Life, and started making UK Hip Hop and Trap together under the collective name.

Me and Baggins met through a personal friend as he wanted me to make a beat and produce a track for him which was 'paper planes'. I'd always wanted to rap and Baggins really brought that out, hence why we started BB4L.

How has your music evolved since you first began creating music together?

Baggins: When we first started, we were still working on finding our own styles and figuring out each other’s strengths, and finding ways for us both to improve. Through each song we seem to go from strength to strength, with each track having something else that the last one didn’t to help both of us go further and make better music. 

Roulette: Would't say our music has evolved, we have taken our favorite parts of our favorite artists and mixed it all together.

Congrats on the release of "Migraine"! Can you tell us a bit about the song and the writing process behind it?

Baggins: The song came from a get together. I went over just for a jam session, and Dylan had shown me a beat that he had made and said he wanted me to rap over it with him. I heard it and we both got to work right away. We went away, wrote our verses, then got back together and put our lyrics to use. Dylan then spent a week or so editing the track, and then we released it as soon as it was ready. 

Roulette: Thank you very much! The way we started the song is how we start everything, I'll grab a nice sample and make an 8 bar loop, then we sit listening to the beat and the lyrics form together. We like the relay our lyrics to each other over and over so that we can connect our verses together. I was actually fairly nervous for Migraine because i've never had a verse longer than 16 bars.

Where did the inspiration behind this song come from?

Baggins: For this song and the majority of my lyrics I draw from past experiences and troubles, but also things that I’m dealing with in the current moment, with some form of humorous twist or word play to it. For this song in particular, I targeted it at other rappers who were giving criticism of my work but were rapping about things they weren’t living, and when I brought it up I shrugged it off. It kinda pissed me off, so I made sure I made that clear. I also portrayed the struggle I’ve gone through growing up, and trying to make something out of myself with little resources given to me.

Roulette: I didn't have the greatest upbringing and not to dig too deep but my teen hood wasn't very good. I use the term 'Migrane' as a reference to all the bad things that have happened to me in my past that still haunt me. I also wrote about money as I feel a lot of modern rappers talk about how much money they have and i wanted to be truthful and swing the complete opposite way, I've never had much money and I wanted to emphasize that in my verse, this is also the inspiration behind the whole Broke bois 4 life image.

Do you prefer the digital or more traditional way (cd, lp etc) of getting your music to your fans, why?

Baggins: I personally prefer the digital way, but I also appreciate physical copies. I think that in this time period, posting music digitally can reach so many more people than you can with just physical copies. Saying that though, sometimes you can’t really beat the feel and the sound of a vinyl or a cd, and unless you break them, you’ll have those forever.

Roulette: Obviously I listen to a lot of hip hop and vinyl is my favorite way of consuming, but i'm broke, I'll be honest, I cant afford to get vinyls cut or CD's ripped, so Soundcloud is the way to go.

Any upcoming shows together in the near future? For a new fan who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your live performance?

Baggins: Roulette and I are actually yet to perform live together, we don’t have enough songs to actually perform a set. We are planning on starting shows as soon as we get enough shows though. All I can say is expect energy, and that if you come to one of our shows, you’re gonna have fun

Roulette: We haven't performed live yet but hopefully we will get the opportunity to perform at a few small venues in Reading fairly soon.

What’s next for Baggins & Roulette?

Baggins: More music, we’re just starting out, and we’re planning to make Broke Bois 4 Life one of the big collective names in rap. This is a movement, and like I said earlier, we’re only beginning, so watch this space and expect big things.

Roulette: The next step for us is to reach out to a live audience and gain some notoriety that way, Soundcloud plays are amazing but there's nothing like seeing people jumping to your own music. Another step for us is creating a music video, We are actually putting a video together now so keep your eyes peeled.

Connect with Baggins & Roulette on social media:

Instagram: @yaboibaggins

Snapchat: @yaboibaggins