Song Spotlight: "Vicarious" By Moromo

Moromo, an independent artist from Saint Paul, MN started his career touring with a band until the band eventually dissolved. He then went on to release his own music and his own sound which is proven with his single ‘Vicarious’. His chill, melodic, hip-hop sound with conscious lyrics makes this artist an intriguing force to be reckoned with.

"Vicarious" starts off with a cinematic, sentimental introduction before leading into melodramatic vocals supported with a beautiful tone from the artist Moromo himself. The beat then transitions into a relaxed hip-hop track blended with the piano. Moromo has strong lyricism and lyrics that’s also relatable to a lot of people in today’s generation. It’s a song that you can add to all of your laid-back yet sensual playlists with artists like ‘6lack’ ‘The Weeknd’ and more. Moromo has a dope sound to him, and vicarious has many different elements that doesn’t make this song a single surface. There’s a lot of twists and turns to the song like when he goes into falsetto, adding an over exaggerated but much needed effect to the single. It’s like the artist is pouring his heart, emotions, and thoughts out in ‘Vicarious’. He stresses certain notes at certain moments in the song. The song really impressed us and it should be sure to impress you too!

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