Sonic Acrylic Dives Into the Deeper Meaning Behind His Latest Release "Black Eye’’ in New Interview

Hello Sonic Acrylic and welcome to BuzzMusic! We're happy to have you speak with us. Could you tell us more about ‘’Black Eye’’ and what inspired the song?

Black Eye is about complicity in atrocities by buying into societal or biological narratives as a fact not a judgment. It was inspired by love, a stream of consciousness lyrical technique, the Mars Volta and Neil young.

How has it been working with Ben Kernion and how would you compare it to working by yourself?

I am Ben Kernion, so I would compare working with him vs working with myself as counterproductive. I much prefer working with my self.

What do individuality and self-actualization mean to you, and why do you think it’s important for people to focus on them?

Those mean finding out what you truly enjoy so that you can take those skills to your personal limits and create the happiest and contributive version of you. We all have such a unique combination of interests that when they receive our focus and we build up other tertiary skills that support them we become the clearest puzzle piece to make sense of this infinite cosmic space we occupy and reveal to each other. It feels amazing and it’s good for you and everything else.

Would you ever try and work with different genres? Does creating Rock music come to you naturally?

I am a big fan of lots of different types of music, the common threads tend to be either people pushing the limits of their genre sonically or very deep lyrical content. I have always gravitated towards rock, indie rock, and folk-rock, but I would expect things ranging from those genres to metal to psychedelic hip hop coming from me in the future.

What can we expect to hear next from you, Sonic Acrylic?

A very consistent episodic show where I write riffs and record them in high quality to give out for people to download and use for their own if they wish. That’ll be on my YouTube starting in the next few weeks. Additionally, there will be some singles dropping in the coming months.