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Sons of Luther Question If We're Going, "The Wrong Way"

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, the three-piece rock band Sons of Luther release their conceptual and heavy-hitting single entitled "The Wrong Way."

The group consists of cousins and brothers who stole their names from their fathers' motorcycle club, Sons of Luther. Since then, the boys developed tight writing, recording, and release schedules. Sons of Luther have just begun releasing their conceptual "False Memory Sessions," comprising songs that sound like they're straight out of a 90s alternative rock playlist.

Have you heard these songs before, or are they just false memories? Begin that experience with Sons of Luther's first installment to "False Memory Sessions" entitled "The Wrong Way." In a world spiraling into hell, Sons of Luther dare to ask if we're heading in the right direction. The boys also released a stellar music video to enhance the gripping experience.

Listening to the single, "The Wrong Way," we're met with a heavy and blistering rock instrumental right off the bat. As Sons of Luther continue their scorching hot instrumental ventures, the lead vocalist grabs our attention with his slightly muffled vocals that question if bridging our cultural gaps as a way of resistance is in the foreseeable future.

Reaching the flaming hook, Sons of Luther blast through our speakers with the utmost vigor and poise while the lead vocalist reminds us not to get bent out of shape when it doesn't go our way. We love the anthemic feel of this track, and yes, it would fit perfectly in a 90s alternative rock playlist. The song's rhythmic and exhilarating instrumentals truly take the experience to new heights.

Peel back the layers of Sons of Luther's latest single, "The Wrong Way," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sons of Luther. What an exciting and meaningful track you've released with "The Wrong Way." What inspired your group to create a song about society headed in the wrong direction?

Hi! Thank you! We're happy "The Wrong Way" seems to be resonating with people. The collective trauma of the past two years is something we're all still currently dealing with and figuring out. We've always leaned more towards darker subject matter than lighter, but it's a tricky balance to try and make fun-sounding music that can give people a release, while also being true to ourselves and the topics we want to engage within our music. The music for "The Wrong Way" actually came from an exercise in songwriting where we tried to write the bulk of a song using only 3 notes. Then the lyrics seemed to spill out without much coaxing while observing our extremely divided culture.

Could you break down your band's creative process and who handled what aspect of creating "The Wrong Way?"

Over the past two years, we've really concentrated on our workflow for writing, recording, and releasing new music. Sons Of Luther are Wren, Amos, and John and we all revel in our separate roles in the band. Songs generally start at my (Wren) home studio with a general premise of verse/chorus/2nd verse. Then I take the song to our main studio space to track Drums and guitars with John and Amos where we will then figure out what to do with the 2nd chorus/Bridge and outro. This is generally where we have the most fun. "The Wrong Way" was such a simple song by design with a lot of open space and a slow methodical beat. So, we had a lot of fun peppering the track with ear candy embellishments until it felt complete. Listen carefully in the bridge for some subtly wild percussion.

What was it like creating the music video for "The Wrong Way?" How did your team help ease the shooting process?

The making of the music video brought together a familiar crew of camera operators and lighting techs. We're very fortunate to have some very talented friends that wanted to help us execute our vision. We're relatively new to making video content but we seem to be getting better at it. Our director Adam Burnett has a background in television production having produced reality tv for VH1, so we very much trust his artistic vision for our band. The concept was relatively simple with the original treatment being "a knock-off 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' video without the high school gym." We spent the day shooting various locations around our studio building as well as our full band performance in an empty corner of our studio space. We were also given access to shoot in an old haunted piano room within the building. That's the magic footage within the video if you ask me.

What was the main message you wanted your listeners to take away when experiencing "The Wrong Way?"

The main message in "The Wrong Way" is to simply be open to being wrong. Being wrong is so helpful, but only when you have the humility to acknowledge it and learn from your mistakes. Our goal is to bridge our American cultural divides as an act of resistance.

What's next for Sons of Luther?

Our plan is to continue with releasing singles throughout the year within the context of the "False Memories" theme. Our recording sessions have turned into what we've been calling our "False Memory Sessions" where the goal has been to make tracks that sound like they could live on any 90's alt/grunge playlist and feel at home. Almost as if you've heard the songs before, like we've inception them into your subconscious through some sort of hypnosis.


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