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Sophia Salcido Takes A Walk Down “Memory Lane”And Softly Reminisces About Good Times Past

The Utah native softly reminisces about good times past in a touching tribute to her uncle and the preciousness of family.

Genuine vulnerability is an increasingly rare commodity in the modern-day music scene. Nonetheless, by combining her distinctively smooth yet powerful vocals with evoking and compassionate lyrics, Salcido walks a line most could not. Born in Utah but currently based in Tennessee, the powerhouse vocalist and songstress makes music that feels genuine and connects with her listeners.

Exposed to music from an early age, the musician Solphia Salcido is an act that has been years in the making. The product of an earnest work ethic and creative solid drive, Salcido constantly strives to perfect her craft. Finally, her hard work would pay off; having caught the attention of Nashville-based recording studio Off The Row with original songs and covers posted to her social media, Salcido is primed for a breakout year.

The tender “Memory Lane” is the latest product of Salcido’s musical prowess. Over calming, piano-backed instrumentals, Salcido’s soothing vocals illuminate the track as she reminisces in a way that almost feels reverent. Inspired by the passing of her uncle, “Memory Lane” is an earnest, powerful tribute to not only family but also the ephemeral nature of man and, thus, the preciousness of the time we have with those important to us.

Although it might be cold outside, you feel a certain warmth when you spend time with those precious to you. So when the snow is softly falling out, and your mind reminisces about times past, take a trip down “Memory Lane,” available on all major streaming platforms.

We loved "Memory Lane." The fact that your uncle inspired it made it feel so much more powerful but also sweet. So we want to ask, what does family mean to you, and how has your family influenced your music?

My family means the world to me. I have a best friend for a mom and a strong dad that will do anything for all of us. I have two amazing brothers, and by one of them, I’ve been given an amazing sister-in-law and two little boys who can do nothing but put a smile on my face. I grew up with a lot of music, and many of my upcoming songs are based on the pains I have watched my family go through.

So you mentioned you’re originally from Utah, and now you’re operating through Off The Row, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville has a vibrant music history; what was it like to transition from Utah to Nashville, and how has that influenced your growth as an artist?

I am still currently based in Utah. I have just been making trips to Nashville to work with Off the Row studio and PT Houston in person. Working with Off the Row and learning from them has been a blessing. They have helped me with my writing and developing my singing skills. Working with Houston in the booth is incredible. He challenged me and encouraged me the whole time. Off the Row is a huge part of bringing me to where I am now.

A big part of your music is how genuine and heartfelt your lyrical and musical style is. What kind of message or feeling do you want fans to take away from your music?

All of my songs are based on real experiences and real stories. I want people to listen and know they are not alone. No matter what they face, someone has been there too. Someone has made it out and used that experience for the better. So, I hope my songs bring hope and help my listeners through hard times.

So, although sometimes people may not realize it, artists are people outside of their music too! So, what’s your favorite way to de-stress or spend time when you’re not working on your music?

I love to read and paint mainly. Also, you can’t go wrong with spending honest, genuine time with your family.

What’s next for Sophia Salcido? Do you have any goals you want to achieve in 2023?

Oh, I have so many goals, on top of learning so much more about music and how to grow not just in my music but as a person. I am also going to make a huge accomplishment by graduating high school this year as well. I plan to use this year to grow and learn until I can show it to all of you.

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