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Soul Bird Beautifully Reinvents A Classic Hit ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

Jenny and Seymour from Soul Bird Band are a Portland, Oregon based band playing original and cover songs. Seymour has been playing the guitar and singing for 30 years while Jennifer is fresher and new to the music scene. They are currently playing at wineries, restaurants and hotels in their local region and are looking to expand their fan base.

The Soul Bird released their latest single, titled “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, which turned out to be a nice cover and rendition of the original mix of the record. The tune begins with an enticing acoustic introduction creating a more “at home” sound. The vocals were relaxed, folk-like, and smooth. While listening to this song I instantly smiled, it was highly radiating of energy and gave a peaceful, and serene vibe through my body. This is the type of song where we cherish the moment while listening. Their way of smoothly covering this iconic original gave me a sense of companionship with not only the artists but the surroundings around me. Creating that soothing aura naturally is what gets you so hooked on Soul Bird! This is undeniably one of those songs where I can just listen to over and over, still feeling the same positive radiation I felt from the first time hearing it. They give you chills with their stunning vocals, and authentic characteristic, shown in their modern reinvention of a classic hit.

Listen to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” here and get to know more about Soul Bird below!

What are some artistic differences between the both of you and how do you manage to blend these differences together!?

Jenny is a visual artist and Seymour is visual but his art is his instrumental genius with his guitar and voice. We blend well in that we both listen to each other well and we have great chemistry when we are expressing ourselves musically.

Tell us about why you selected “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to cover? What does this song mean to you?

We covered “somewhere over the rainbow” because we both love the songs’ message of love and hope.  We have both lost friends close to us and this song is our dedication to those we both lost.

Were there any challenges reinventing this classic record?

It was done on a ukulele and Seymour learned it for the guitar, which was a challenge. Learning all of the words and beats took time and practice and we are thrilled with the result.

What was the emotion you felt while performing this!?

We felt happiness, sadness and hopeful while performing this.

What’s next for you two?

What’s next for you two? We are starting to tour our native Portland, Oregon-playing at wineries, restaurants and hotels in the region. In addition we will be recording some original songs and adding more cover songs to our lineup very soon!


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