Soulful Singer Dylan Cohen Releases New Anthem To Toronto “Alleyways”

You know how ‘John Legend voice completely absorbs everyone it touches? It’s that exquisite soulful sound that we can’t get enough of because it’s so addicting and just sensational. Well If you’re missing that musical affect then you might want to check out singer/songwriter Dylan Cohen. He released his single Alleyways, a doleful and expressive anthem to Toronto, Canada that upholds the standard of “soul-pop” music.

With significant vocal control and a killer range, Dylan Cohen propels this song rapidly full force into our ears and we can’t say we’re complaining about it. The minute Dylan starts singing you’re instantly attracted to the mellow vibration, soulful vocals and resonance that Dylan has. With a more upbeat and vibrant musical contributory, the song has characteristics of impressing an established crowd. I like how the beginning of the song arrives with a piano playing as the instrumental rather than complexed computerized effects because you’re able to fully enjoy the melodic tune and outstanding voice Dylan projects to his listeners. There’s no exact genre we can categorize “Alleyways” in but what we can guarantee is its adequate enough to hold its own on all our playlists. Check out “Alleyways” by this promising singer and connect with Dylan on his social media below!

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