South Carolina Native Cory Stone In Line To Be The Next Hit Maker

Independent pop star from South Carolina taking the game by storm and elevating it to different heights. Already dropping a remarkable amount of work over the years with five studio albums. All in which can be found on all streaming platforms, accompanied by an off the wall amount of singles. Cory Stone the multi-faceted artist, is a for sure promising artist to look out for this year. The release of his single titled “Get It, Got it, Good” was the funky sensational groove that we needed! There’s songs where we listen and never listen to it again. It’s forgettable, doesn’t stand out, and often bland to our ears. Then there’s songs that completely capture our attention the minute we hear it. We play these specific songs over and over again until we’re tired of hearing it at that moment. It’s added to our playlists and it’s memorable. “Get It, Got it, Good” fits into that plethora of singles where we’re addicted to the endorphins it releases out of us. If I had to categorize this song in any genre its multi-colored pop. A song that holds much charisma and artistic details in each corner of the single. I personally will be adding this to my playlist and I’m sure you will as well!

You can listen to “Get It, Got It, Good” here and connect with Cory Stone on social media!

Check out our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview with Cory's all about the journey!

How was it growing up in South Carolina? Mind briefly describing your up-bringing to our readers?

Growing up and living in South Carolina wasn’t ever all it’s cracked up to be, but it definitely crafted me into the man and artist I am today. There’s so much hate and negativity dwelling around these parts and that’s why very seldom do you ever see an artist rise up and overcome it all from around here.

When you first began your musical career, did you hold any high expectations for yourself?

When I first started pursuing my musical career, I was only a child so I really couldn’t make heads or tales of it all at the time but i always was a perfectionist. Sometimes setting to high of standards for myself only to be later let down. But it’s all a learning and growing process.

You’ve released over five albums over the past years! Have you noticed any major improvement from your first album to now?

As far as progression of the music goes as time has passed, it’s definitely got more content. The songs are mixed better with new tricks added that I’ve learned along the way!! Like I said, it’s all a learning and growing process.

What’s an important value you hold to you and your artistry?

An important value I hold to myself and my music would be honesty. I never write about anything that I haven’t seen, heard or been a part of first hand. It’s much easier to write based on true emotion I’ve always felt.

Where do you hope to be in your career by next year?

Next year I would love to have a single on the "Top 100 Countdown".. overall tho any progression further than where I’m at now is still progress, so can’t argue with that!

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