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South Florida Flow Comes Natural To Apollo V In Newest Track “Icy”

Apollo V is a prolific rhyme slinger based in South Florida. He been making noise

throughout Florida and beyond with his tireless work ethic and consistency. Apollo V is equipped with vivid lyrics, quality production and exceptional rhyming skills. His lyrics convey intention and great vibes. Believing that all things create influence, he paints the clear pictures for the listener to enjoy.

I create what the vibe brings. No matter the tone or season, music is music and when you feel a type of emotion you can find my songs to relate to your experiences” — Apollo V

“Icy” is an insane new track from Apollo V. His rap ability is incomparable! I’m blasting this track on repeat so I don’t miss one word of it. Unique sound arrangements and finely calibrated beats fuse together to create a fresh and modern track. The delivery of every bar that he spits is absolutely flawless and effortless. The precision and timing of every word is incredible and the heavy backbeat is addicting and catchy. “Empire State of mind, I’ve got the blueprints down” is my favorite lyric, Apollo V has a quirky and unique mind that needs to be spread in the music industry. Apollo V provides only the best for all listeners through him ambition and confident sound. I highly recommend you check out “Icy” and stay on the lookout for more sick tracks from Apollo V.

Check out “Icy” here.

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