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Spark One Up as Red Sun Radio Indulges the World in "i wanna get high"

Red Sun Radio is an entity that consists of a few scrappy yet lovable lads hailing from New York City. From humble origins in the basement of a Bronx pizza parlor, this captivating band has grown to evoke a variety of influences including, but not limited to: barn-burners, indie-rockers, soul-crushers, and foot-stompers. Their latest single, "i wanna get high," demonstrate their diverse talents as they put you at ease with their undeniable flair.

Instantly opening with the soothing elements of the minimalistic and acoustic sounds of guitar strumming into our souls, "i wanna get high" offers us a tranquil ambiance as we can't help but gravitate towards this record. The melancholic radiation touches on the raw elements that Red Sun Radio exudes as they drown us in their relatable lyrics' soulful resonance. Painting an enticing image through their storytelling, they truly bring out the reality of each word crafted as they describe some key notes about engaging with that significant person they, in fact, want to get high with. Falling into the eyes of this mystery person over the course of an evening, it becomes apparent that they want to leave where they are and hop on a subway out of town.

Encouraging us to read between the lines, Red Sun Radio manages to transport us to a time in our minds that we can reminisce on a person's feelings that make us feel exactly how they describe in their vivid scenario. As we put our lighters up and sway from side to side, we get lost in the growing, slow tempo composition, that is, "i wanna get high."

Congratulations on the release of “i wanna get high.” This track definitely allowed us to sink into our seats and take it in at its full potential. Could you please tell us about the story that inspired “i wanna get high?"

At the time this song was written I was in a relationship that felt very addictive and alluring, like a drug. Those relationships are great for a while because they make you feel amazing, and you love who you are and how you feel when you're with that person. But at the same time, you lose sight of the other things in your life and end up being all-encompassed in that person in a way that might not be very healthy. So yes, this is a love song but with a bit of a darker edge around the corner.

What did the creative process look like when crafting this track? How long did it take to record?

When we recorded this we were locked up in a studio in midtown called Sear Sound. It was dead of winter, very cold, but the studio feels warm, closed off, and cave-like. So we laid down acoustic and vocals and then started layering these really old, really unique sounding synthesizers to flesh it out. The tracks themselves were recorded in probably a few hours, but we tweaked it in the mixing stage for over a year. One of the last touches were the backup vocals Azan added; I think narratively, they fit in nicely to the song.

Could you please give us a little introduction as to what each band member brings to the table? We would love to know more about you all as individuals in Red Sun Radio.

We all bring something different, which I guess you could say about any band. Sean (lead vx) and I (Ken, guitar, vx) write most of the songs, but we'll bring them to the studio and everyone adds their own personal touches. Teddy's drums aren't on the track just because it's a softer song, but his feel and energy are a massive inspiration when we play live. Tyler fills in on rhythm guitar and synth, and he's got a really badass song coming up on the next record too. We've all been playing together for years, so part of the creative process for us really comes down to a few friends messing around and making music that excites us.

As a collective, what non-musical inspirations do you allow to speak into your music?

The biggest non-musical inspiration for us collectively is New York City. This band started in the Bronx, we've played all around the city, we live in Bushwick, and we record in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. The presence of the city is almost inseparable from the music itself. And New York City has such a crazy, exciting history when it comes to music. The energy is here and we're just trying to tap into it.

What has been keeping you inspired this year while creating new music?

I don't know how long it's going to take for things to bounce back after this pandemic. But when things do go back to "normal" and people can go out to bars and clubs and socialize again, I think there's going to be a lot of energy and excitement and enthusiasm. The city is going to be different, the people are going to be different, and I think it's going to create an environment with a lot of possibilities for new artists. So part of what keeps us inspired is being ready to take full advantage of that when the time comes.


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