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Spark Up & “Smoke Love” With Mafyozo’s New Single

Miami-based producer, mixing engineer, and hip-hop recording artist Mafyozo gets high on passion and a little green with his latest single, "Smoke Love."

Mafyozo knows that stepping out of his comfort zone will always lead him to new heights, revealing his true talent along the way. Having interned at DJ Khaled's 'We The Best' Studio, Mafyozo was inspired to launch his own label, HiRez Music.

Now, the Miami-hailing recording artist creates an authentic sound with flavors of hip-hop, reggae, dance hall, and r&b. Listeners can hear that unique blend in Mafyozo's latest single, "Smoke Love." Recording, mixing, and mastering his music solo, Mafyozo's new single is a perfect representation of the artist's broad skill set and incredibly groovy vibes.

Moving through the single, "Smoke Love," we're greeted with a hazy and smokey atmosphere with subtle reggae drum breaks and watery synths. As Mafyozo begins serenading us with his low and deep tones, he emphasizes how someone is always on his mind. When they're around, Mafyozo yearns to get high on love with a little Mary Jane on the side.

This song is the perfect track to zone out to when baked. Even listeners who don't dabble in the green will adore the dark and mystical vibes Mafyozo has to offer. His production is top-notch, and he perfectly sets the passionate, dreamy tone through airy drum arrangements and subtle background synths. Not to mention his overall confidence and charisma that are truly alluring.

When you're ready for a wavy and passionate evening, don't forget Mafyozo's latest single. Find "Smoke Love" on all digital streaming platforms.


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