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Spark Your Energy with OneUpDuo's Lively Single, "N'EAUX"

Soaring in from Detroit, Michigan, the nu-disco duo OneUpDuo releases a thrilling and stimulating venture with their latest single, "N'EAUX."

Members Jerome Bell-Bastien and Adam Bell-Bastien first began their musical venture in New York, where they were immersed in the city's dance music culture, nightclubs, and theaters. As their single "TRN IT UP" was remixed by Stonebridge (Grammy Award nominee) and DJ Lil' Joey, OneUpDuo hopes to reach similar heights with their forthcoming tunes.

Recently releasing their refreshing and exciting summer anthem, "N'EAUX," OneUpDuo are crashing through our speakers with their soulful vocals and groovy sonic tones. While the production offers this blend of modern electro-pop and nostalgic disco, OneUpDuo serenades us with their uplifting vocal stylings and infectious energy.

Listening to "N'EAUX," the track kicks off with a fiery electronic house beat and wavy background synths that bring us into a lively and energetic listening experience. As Adam makes his bright and sultry vocal appearance, he sets the song's anthemic and exciting tone while moving towards the groovy hook.

Taking the spotlight on the hook is Jerome's soulful and warm vocal stylings that groove alongside the song's plucky bassline and dense electronic sonics. We can't get enough of the song's contagious energy and liveliness, as it brings us all the power and stimulation we need nowadays. Not to mention OneUpDuo's ability to blend nostalgic disco with modern electronic; they leave us feeling as lifted as ever with this spunky and fiery release.

Delve into the passion and energy of OneUpDuo's latest single, "N'EAUX," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic OneUpDuo, what an engaging and exciting venture you've taken us on with your latest single, "N'EAUX." What inspired the song's empowering and honest lyrical content?

Thank you so much! We love to write from real-life experiences and the lyrics for N’eaux are no exception. We started to take stock of all the ways we had been over-extending ourselves in both personal and business relationships and realized the need to feel empowered to say “no” when “yes” is simply unsustainable. The song is a reminder for listeners to protect their time and energy and, in a way, it’s a love letter to anyone who has been described as being “nice to a fault.”

Could you break down how your duo tackled the creative process for "N'EAUX?" How did you begin formulating the song and navigating the vibe and sonic atmosphere?

We wrote the majority of the lyrics and melody for N’eaux before collaborating on FaceTime with another duo we ADORE, @breakoutthecrazy. At that point, we were able to collectively refine the lyrics, solidify the form, and discuss the production style we wanted. We have been steeped in disco music over the past couple of years and it seemed like a no-brainer to marry this straightforward message with an uplifting nu-disco sound. Shout-out to Chris Hierro for killing it on production!

How did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing "N'EAUX?" What sort of listening experience did you want to offer?

We want our listeners to feel empowered and invigorated after listening to N’eaux! We love dance music that offers thought-provoking lyrics wrapped in production that feels like a thrill ride.

Do you usually release such high-energy and infectious dance tunes like "N'EAUX?" What subgenres and sounds does your duo normally explore?

In short, yes! N’eaux is a follow-up to our first high-energy dance single called TRN IT UP which was remixed by Grammy award nominee StoneBridge and DJ Lil’ Joey. Aside from the nu-disco genre, we have a pop/soul song entitled Call My Name and an original holiday song called Let Me Come Home. Both songs showcase our voices through soaring, tender melodies and feature a more laid-back production style. What's next for you? Next up - shows and more new music! We can’t wait to get out there and meet our fans and followers as the world continues to open up and we solidify a tour schedule.


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