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Sparkle to the Top With Ze. The Goddess' Hit, "Diamonds"

Born in Danville, Illinois, Ze. The Goddess began her music career before she could walk. Singing with her vocals on display in the church choir, music has always had a special place in the heart of Ze. The Goddess.

In 2009, Ze. The Goddess moved to Atlanta, GA to become a recording artist. She is always feeling a deep connection to iconic biographies and the stories of music legends before her, Ze. The Goddess hopes to share her craft with the world now.

Placing the spotlight on Ze. The Goddess’ latest EP, ‘Golden Year,’ we sweep the parameters of her enticing sound to bring forth the final track on this project titled, “Diamonds.” Indulging us in a vibrant soundscape that has a unique Trap pulsation rattling our core, Ze. The Goddess is no stranger to illuminating all things that glitter and sparkle.

The buoyancy emitted in the instrumentation has you instantly moving to the beat as it drowns your speakers in captivating hues of charisma. Ze. The Goddess can serve up icy cold verses as she lays down her sweltering persona in a superlative manner. Best of both worlds, you find yourself hung up on the boisterous facade that Ze. The Goddess effortlessly emanates on her records.

Setting flame to each verse that she leaves in the past, the lyrical dexterity that Ze. The Goddess brought to the table is a genuine tone that dips into an ingenious creation of energy. With influenced vocals, you pick up the messaging that lays in her witty quips and desirable echoes.

Asserting herself as the crème de la crème, there is no stepping up to the techniques that Ze. The Goddess provides as a thriving female emcee. Be sure to listen to “Diamonds” and hear what the hype is about.

We truly enjoyed the energy sparked in “Diamonds.” What inspired your lyrical content in this song?

Honestly, I was inspired by the energy out in LA man. Diamonds was my expression of the experiences I’d had that week. We’d been doing studio, shoots, videos, and Diamonds was the Grand Finale! It’s kinda’ like you worked hard you earned it. Shout out all the boss ladies out there for real.

In terms of themes and messaging, what are you hoping that listeners take away from this single?

LIVE YOUR LIFE! Enjoy your Life! I’m very grateful to be on the path I’m on and have music be my way of life. I want listeners to find their own path and have a damn good time on that path; regardless of anything anyone thinks or anything life might throw at them! What a time to be alive for real, live honey!

What can listeners expect in terms of sounds and moods from your full EP, ‘Golden Year’?

Hmm. An introduction to my madness lol, it’s raw, energetic, and honest. I was extremely excited to team up with two really amazing artists, Geneticist (New York) and King Malik ( ali.) We talked hella real shit and it’s a vibe for real. Powerful.

How does “Diamonds” hold up to the other songs that you have placed on ‘Golden Year?'

“Golden Year” is 6 songs all created to introduce different sides of me. “Gold” was the original track that set the whole vibe of the Ep. I believe in manifestations. Speaking something into being. I wanted to make my fans feel that same energy/power I was feeling. To speak Gold into their own lives! “Power” and “Thrown” were created following the George Floyd killing and a lot of cited police brutality! I, like a lot of my people, was angry and tired of the same old shit. My music was a way for me to voice that anger and my truth. Last came “Gold Rush”, “CSD”, and “Diamonds”. These Set the Energy for me! Like ‘Get Lit’ and ‘Talk yo Shit!’ It’s Rebel culture, we say what we feel we do what we want!

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

This EP was a beautiful Hello to the beginning of an era. This is only the beginning! Stay Tuned!


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