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Speak The Universal Language Of "Money," With Jaws Of You

Dabbling between Boston and Los Angeles borders, Jaws Of You is a newly formed Alt/Pop outfit from front-man Anthony Rainville. Before this artistic endeavor, he spent time performing with the likes of All Time Low and PVRIS and touring with You Me And Everyone We Know, The Spill Canvas, and We Are The In Crowd.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, The 1975, and Jimmy Eat World, Jaws Of You creates emotionally charged music that speaks to Anthony Rainville's years of songwriting and being in touring bands, with all the requisite highs and lows.

Creating an atmosphere that's hard to resist as soon as the melodic essence of "Money" begins, Jaws Of You depicts a therapeutic retreat for your mind as the song's buoyant nature tours you through the reminiscent recollections of a memorable love.

Paying homage to an 80s inspired glimmer heard in the Pop structure of the instrumentation, we pick up on the protruding energy that continues to break through the speakers. Formulated adequately so you can appreciate the peaks and valleys that "Money" has to offer, the verses gently nudge you into the climactic rush of the chorus as you join Anthony Rainville in the conquering hoorah that is the enthralling chorus. 7

As Anthony Rainville projects his vocal performance in a way that has us fixated on his powerful timbres, we get caught up in the hypnotic energy of "Money," as we aim to learn every single word to grasp onto in an even more personal fashion. Jaws Of You carry forth a certain likability that has us eager to click the replay button as we become even more fascinated by the complexity that Anthony Rainville transfers.

Encouraging us all to tap into our inner emotions and use self-reflection as a tool to conjure up the good old days, we admire the opening title track that leads us into his EP, 'Money.'

Opening up your three-track EP with the title track and absolute hit "Money" has us eager to get into all that is this project with you! With a project and title track sharing such a bold and well-known title universally, what can you tell us about the statement that this single makes?

Thank you! I honestly didn't overthink about it? It's one of those things that I'm aware of peripherally but didn't affect the decision-making. After naming songs "Automatic" and "Night Drive," I realized that these are also names of some of my favorite songs by other bands. Using "Money" had a very specific personal meaning to me, and I structured what I was doing lyrically around it.

What was your reasoning for placing this song first on the tracklist? What does "Money," say about this EP and yourself as an artist?

This is one of my favorite songs, and I like leading with something a little different sonically and then giving you something else. I LOVE artists like The 1975 and No Rome, who are so actively and intentionally eclectic. And as an artist, I enjoy the freedom of mixing decades and genres because it reflects my listening habits. If you like that, you'll enjoy the next thing I do.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process was like when tapping into such a nostalgic part of your life?

I would say the main ingredients creatively were some aggressive heartbreak and listening to many The Band Camino and The Midnight. The song started with the chorus melody, and then lyrics were added to that. From there, I spent a few weeks writing the verses, mostly in my work break room and a hotel room. With a strong skeleton of chord progressions and melodies, I took it to producers Chris Curran, known for his work on the first PVRIS EP, and Kyle Blamy, whose Witcher remix was featured on CNN. We picked a sonic direction that purposefully used more of those synth-driven, nostalgic textures, and they just killed it with the arrangement.

With a list of accolades as prominent as yours, what happens to be your proudest moment throughout your artistic career?

This is a tough one to answer because, when I look back, I've been so so lucky and gotten to do things that were literally in some of my wildest dreams. When I was a kid, I wanted to play the Warped Tour so severely, and at the time, it always seemed so unreachable. So when I finally got to do my first date on that tour and step on that stage, it was a dream come true. And from there, it's such a toss-up between buying a van and going on tour for the first time with my literal idols, singing on stage with them, selling out my first hometown shows, playing bigger festivals, finally landing a support slot on a sold-out tour. The first time I made music that I thought it was great. I'm still so small as an artist, but I've already made a lifetime of unbelievable moments and friendships that I still can't believe have happened. And even with all that, I'm just getting started. Excellent question btw.

What's next for you?

Next up is more music coming over the next two months, heading back to LA, and planning out 2022. I anticipate releasing new singles and a new EP in 2022 and then getting ready to start performing. So come to a show and say hi!


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