Spectoral Releases "Moving On"

Known as the “Quiet Achiever” singer and songwriter Andrew Bitto who goes by the stage name Spectoral released his newest single as an ominous dedication to a lovesick friend. Titled “Moving On” off his EP “An Incorruptible Dream”, the song blends between the lines of Flume and peking duck while also noting to have Kanye’s melancholic production style to it. Instrumentation features co-production from Martiln (one half of Twofold Vision) and plays an important role in supporting the song with its synths gliding effortlessly alongside each other. Spectoral reflects on the inspiration behind this track by saying:

“I actually wrote this one about a good friend of mine. We’d catch up and she’d always tell me news about this guy she was in love with. Things never really worked in her favour with him because he was already taken - it was this kinda Love Actually moment for her I guess, just in reverse. So anyway, we’d chat about it, and she just found it so hard to give up the dream of one day him being hers. So this song’s about that. It’s about accepting the loss and letting it go.”

Andrew explains the themes behind the EP, saying, “The name An Incorruptible Dream is a line from The Great Gatsby actually. It's this idea of always trying to reach for the unattainable, whether it's a person, or a state of mind, or a level of perfection or success. Unfortunately for Gatsby it blinded him and led to his downfall. The EP explores this theme that is definitely in my life in different ways. I planned this EP back in January, but actually a couple of the songs here I've been sitting on for literally years.” An ethereal single that cultivates you the instant it plays. It starts off with this the other-worldly sound placing you into a dreamlike state with progression from the bass and the classic R&B flare. The soulful beat comes together as one when Spectoral starts singing with his passionate vocals and prepossessing tone. I personally feel like singers who have plenty of range and soul in their voice, and emphasizes it with a unison sounding tune undoubtedly makes their songs pop. Spectoral did exactly that and it makes his single much more memorable. His voice is indistinguishable to the likes of “Robin Thicke” and “Daley”. Both artists are I consider to have a naturally suave swag to their artistry and raw talent. Those same elements I see in spectoral and he displays it unconsciously in “Moving On” I can see this song being played on radios and added to your atmospheric pop playlists! You can listen to Spectoral’s single here and follow him on his social media where you will be up to date on his future releases and next move!

Listen to Spectorals new EP "An Incorruptible Dream" here and check out our interview with Spectoral below!

Mind introducing yourself to our readers and giving us a little insight on who you are?

Hi fam, I'm Spectoral. I'm a futuresoul producer and singer-songwriter based out of Melbourne. The music I make is futuresoul... essentially a blend of textured downtempo, hip-hop & alt-R&B inspired beats, and I bring singer-songwriter mentalities to it as a vocalist and lyricist.

When did you first realize music is something you wanted to pursue?

My parents were big into music all throughmy childhood, and I fondly remember listening to progressive and futuristic (for it's time) 70s stuff my dad was into, and plenty of singer-songwriter and pop stuff that Mum was into from the 80s and 90s. When I was in high school they gave me a digital piano, a major upgrade from an organ that I originally learned to play on. I loved figuring out what all the buttons and functions did and squeezed the most I could out of them, so as my interest grew I went into synth and production. I've written hundreds of song ideas since then, but it's taken me like, a good ten years to get good enough to professionally release the kind of music I wanted to make.

How have your personal music journey been so far? Any challenges you’ve faced?

Music ain't a good career choice to make a living... I guess it's like any art discipline, Spectoral is a passion, and an expensive one to do right. It's the most fulfilling outlet for me personally, and it may never pay the bills. But I get the most satisfaction when the music resonates with randoms so much that they find me on Instagram and DM me about how much they loved a particular release. The idea that someone over in Sweden or Scotland or South Africa or LA is vibing hard with my records, that's the best feeling ever. But for every feeling like that, you get a hundred feelings of self doubt, knock backs, little failures, and it chips away at your self-confidence. That's the biggest challenge, realising that the music industry is an endurance game.

What’s your favorite song off 'An Incorruptible Dream' and why?

That's a tough one. The EP is six tracks that I worked the shit out of... I wanted to get each one of them spot on, some taking many months before I was done with little changes. It's a collection of the absolute best I could achieve at that moment, and showcase the Spectoral sound as a whole work. The lyrics are super personal to me, dealing with my insecurities, my inability to let go, my fears. Movin' On is the one we chose as lead single and EP opener, and it's been doing so well, I'm chuffed. Spotify playlisted it 2 days after its release, it's been streamed over 7,000 times so far... people seem to really love it.

Out of all the songs on “An Incorruptible Dream” which do you feel best describes the entire EP as a whole?

Well, the theme of the EP is about an unwavering desire to fulfil a dream, whether that's to be with someone, to attain something, to get a certain fulfilment or feeling in your life, or to see your life head in a certain direction. Every song on the EP explores these incorruptible dreams, but more than that it's about how these dreams corrupt their dreamer. So the EP kinda tells the tale of how I've been shaped and corrputed and changed for better or worse over the years by holding onto dreams like this. The first two tracks, Movin' On and Old Way Love, try to come to terms with losing people you love in different ways. What You Want is about my dreams as an artist struggling against the self doubt. Open The Light is about that longing to recapture a bigger feeling of freedom and turn your back on a corrupt society. Love Somebody Else is about wanting companionship. And the final track, the closer, Rowing Up The River.. well that's about looking back in time at my past self and wishing I could guide him through some of the choices I've made.

What's next for you?

I'll be co-headlining at Electrify in Melbourne in January - follow @spectoral on Instagram or Facebook for updates. I've got 14 new tracks at various stages of completion... you'll hear some of them next year, who knows which ones. I have two follow-up EPs in the works, both extremely collaborative, full of guests. But for now I'm in full celebration mode about the EP, it represents a massive chapter of my past year and I couldn't be more psyched with how it's been received. 

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