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Specyal T Invites You To Explore Life And Love’s Infinite Possibilities In, “Foresight”

The veteran artist returns to bring more music for the soul on her exciting new release.

A dynamic and versatile artist whose distinctive vocals have earned her comparisons to Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot, singer-songwriter Specyal T’s musical journey has been one of epic proportions. Having displayed an extraordinary aptitude for music at the tender age of two, this initial foray would herald the start of a lifelong love affair with music. An excellent all-around student who became the first black valedictorian in her school’s century-long history, T’s artistic (and all-around) brilliance only increased with time. Now gearing up to release her 4th studio album, “Foresight,” this talented artist looks to continue the rich legacy she’s built for herself.

T’s artistic talent was always obvious, but her musical career would take a significant leap after she joined forces with Universal Music and Soul Kiss Entertainment. She would instantly leave her footprint on the scene, dropping her debut single and video, “Ice Cream Cone” (with Canadian rap icon Michie Mee), to immediate buzz and acclaim. Her 2020 classic “A Specyal Remedy” stood out as a calming and comforting force amid the global pandemic, and other releases like her studio album “Dose of Distinction,” which debuted at #11 on the UK R&B chart continued to build on her powerful legacy. Perhaps most impressively, T remains remarkably consistent despite adversity and personal loss. Although she tragically lost her youngest daughter in 2017, T persevered, dedicating a beautiful " Tionne " concept album based on and remembering her daughter.

Cheekily, as much as T looks to the future on “Foresight,” the album is a series of exciting comparisons and contradictions of the past, present, and future. On songs like “Date Night,” T exudes exhilaration at the excitement the future will bring, dropping lines like “Tonite it’s on, your delight / Continues, reunite / Under the stars, our invite / Run the song, its date nite.” On other songs like “Back In The Day,” lines like “Back in the day, more simple it was / Workin or play, straight vibing because / We all had more range, much to display” indicate T is just as ready to reminisce, relishing the memories of a time where everything seemed more straightforward. T’s willingness to touch different perspectives reflects a broader approach she’s taken with her music; her projects touch on life as a whole, from minor curious footnotes in the past to unimaginably bright possibilities in the future. That’s the kind of construct love has in T’s world; the possibilities are boundless, and although there may not be many constants in a world filled with chaos, lines like “Life throws curveballs, been thru plenty / Around every corner, ain’t hard to find / This ain’t scripted, don’t know when we / Face the worst, you’re my peace of mind” on the album’s closing track “Peace of Mind” show that love can be the binding constant. T's numerous temporal perspectives hide a fundamental truth of life and relationships. However, things in the past may have power in the present; they need not dictate the future. This is real life; it’s always possible to make the most of our situations if we have the “Foresight” to make it possible.

Specyal T’s album “Foresight” is a beautiful undertaking that captures love and its remarkable ability to affect the past, present and future amidst the incredible highs and lows life brings us. In “Foresight,” T reminds us that she’s a force to be reckoned with, and as long as she’s got love on her side, anything is possible. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Specyal T’s latest release “Foresight”, out now.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Specyal T! “Foresight” felt amazing! We loved the contemporary R&B feel of the album. We wanted to ask, what inspired this album, and was the final version of “Foresight” close to what you initially envisioned?

Thanks for having me back BuzzMusic! Much respect, I appreciate it! The inspiration for this album came from my natural desire to continue to share my vibe and journey in life through music. ‘Foresight’ has definitely lived up to my initial vision and I’m excited to share it with y’all. How did you end up deciding on “Foresight” as the title for your 4th studio album? Is there a story behind it that you’d like to share?

When we last spoke, I had just released the third and final instalment of my ‘Dose of Distinction’ trilogy. Now I’m here with my fourth studio album, which is life after the Remedy, and along with this new album I also entered a new decade this year. Together with a love of wordplay, I essentially have a different outlook on things and ‘Foresight’ was born. Obviously, there’s a lot of good music to choose from, but do you have a favorite single from “Foresight”?

Each song on this album resonates with me, but one new stand out I will mention is “One Thing.” It was a late addition to the album and it was also the very first song I wrote in this new decade I am in now. What was your favorite part of bringing your vision for “Foresight” to life? Also, what goals would you like to achieve through your music?

I love all aspects of the creative process. From hearing the instrumentation and creating the song concepts, to recording and constructing melodies and vocal lines, to hearing each song transform through mixing and sound design. I’d like to continue to reach a global audience with my unique brand of sound.

What’s next for Specyal T? What are you most excited about for the future, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I’m always in studio working on new music. Hopefully more collaborative projects, live shows etc. I’m always excited to see how my music evolves, where it reaches and who it touches. To all my Specyalites current and new, thank you for being with me on this journey. I truly appreciate your continued love and support. Bless Up!


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